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My perfect weekend.

If I could go anywhere in the world for one weekend, it would be London, England. I really love it because there are many fascinating discovery. I love walking down the street to see old history and culture around every corners. Sitting in the best city park, looking around the lush green landscape and brilliant flowers on a sunny day. It is so peaceful. There are many relaxed pubs and riverside restaurants along the way. The Thames Riverside has delighted vistas for walking. I like to cast my eyes at the beautiful riverside scenery and currents to make me feel bubbly. I enjoy strolling through the Notting Hill farm market and seeing fresh farm products. The museum and art gallery are waiting to be discovered. Harrods is the most famous and oldest shopping center in London. You know! For me, only one week is not enough to explore the wealth of history and many beautiful landmarks in London. I do not need to talk about nightlife because I love sleeping at night to leave everything behind. The charm of London never fades from my dream.

On a weekend I usually go walking on the thousand steps on the Mt. Dandenong range in late morning. Then I always go and look around in the weekend market, fruit shop and Springvale market. I love to buy fruits and raw materials for cooking. Watching TV, movies and internet are my lazy life. At four o’clock, I prepare to go to work in a Thai restaurant. In Australia life is very difficult; everything is different and I do not have many choices. I must do whatever I do not like to do such as working at night. Some people would ask me why you do not work at daytime instead. The answer is when I first came here I started to work in the Thai restaurant, so other work always refused me because I don’t have different skills, unfortunately. Nowadays I acknowledge my destiny and try to stay in present, not think about the past and future. I’ve tried to find some comfort ways for my past sorrow and stay healthy, enough for my life.

If I could spend a weekend in anyone’s shoes, I would choose Edward J Smith, because He had great responsibility as the captain of the Titanic. He was proud to die with the Titanic. It was not all his fault that the Titanic was sank. The company had been in providing too few lifeboats. Still, Captain Smith let women and children survive on lifeboat, but these were not enough for all passenger. I worship his sacrifice with the Titanic, so I think if I spent my weekend with him I would feel safe because he always was concerned with other first.

My greatest weekend extravagance is driving to the Great Ocean Road. I drive along the Frankton Fwy then follow the Moorooduc Fwy and stop at the Arthur Seat State Park which is 300m above sea level. I have morning tea- tea and scones with jam and cream at Arthur's Hotel, and then I roam around the place and take some photos. After that I continued driving and cross to the bay by ferry to Point Lonsdale. I head to the Great Ocean Road. I arrive at the Twelve Apostles around 12.45pm. I enjoy lunch in the car and walked around then take some photos. Then I go to Ballarat, walk around the city, and took some photos. I spend nearly two hours driving from the town of Ballarat to Melbourne on the Great Western Highway. I stop at the Crown Casino and have a huge dinner in the Santé Buffet restaurant. It is $24 per person (extra seafood). I come home at 10.00pm. and I sleep deeply without shower. This is my greatest weekend extravagance.

If I want to relax and completely escape the world for a Sunday afternoon, I would go to the Thai temple at Olinda. I would sit in the quiet place and close my eyes to meditate. When I close my eyes to empty my mind, I feel only my breathing and forget the past and don’t think about in the future. It is a complete escape the world for me.

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