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Autumn in Korea

Nightview of Dongdaemun
Although it's still a long way to go from my holiday trip, but I'm already getting all excited over it! I've did some research on places to shop at and which are the places I wanna visit.

Nightview of Seoul street
Around Mon/Tue, I went to Korea National Tourism Organization(KNTO) site to get some more info with regards to my trip, but geezzzeeee~ the site was in complete Korean language... all filled with hangul. Luckily there was a english site at Korea Tourism Organization(KTO). So I registered to be a member of the site and I requested for them to send me brochures & map of Korea. When I sent my requests, the system told me it will take about 7-10 days to despatch out.

Brochures from KTO
But guess what~ I received it yesterday! The best part was I requested for 2 copies coz I thought of giving 1 copy to my friend and it was really nice of KTO to REALLY give me 2 copies! *Hohoho~ thank you so much, your organization is really very fast & efficient! thumbs up!*

Nightview of Hangang
Hahaha~ so do you feel my excitement & anticipation for this coming holiday trip? Well~ if you have any interesting places to recommend to visit in Seoul, do leave a comment here and tell me. ^^


This song somehow speaks of my excitement, wishes & feelings now... *Once In A Lifetime Fly to the Star별들이 너의 꿈을 지켜 줄 거야 Once In Your Lifetime 우리 그 날 위해 영원히 함께 만들어 가야 할 Love For Your Dreams*
[Translation: Once In A Lifetime Fly to the Star
The stars will protect your dreams
Once In Your Lifetime, for the sake of that day, we
For eternity, we will create Love For Your Dreams]

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Really eager to visit Korea again. BTW, this morning I got a candy pack. Thank you so much. Just now I tried one, the taste is like a rice. I will bring to Japan.

See ya!


โดย: Lamb chan IP: 19 พฤษภาคม 2549 15:33:01 น.  


Aiyooo~ You are exciting to visit Korea? Cool! Wish you will have fun there~


โดย: MOMO 20 พฤษภาคม 2549 1:05:53 น.  


Tan -> If you look on ingredients... it's said "ROASTED RICE PERFUM" ^^

I like it~ the taste reminds me of Genmai Cha. My friend nickname the candy as "Popcorn Candy", coz they think it tastes like popcorn

MOMO -> Heeheeheee~ whenever I expected to go on a holiday, I get excited! ^^


โดย: ino (yumegokochi ) 22 พฤษภาคม 2549 1:37:58 น.  

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