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L : change the WorLd [エル チェンジ ザ ワールド]

Just back home from attending the gala premiere of Death Note 3 - L : change the WorLd, together with my aunt & my 2 little cousins. This parter is actually a spin-off from the actual show (「DEATH NOTE 証言 ~Beginning of the Movie~」 & 『デスノート the Last name』), coz it's just narrating the final 23 days of L's life.

In this show, there is completely no appearance of Kira(just flashback scenes in the starting part only) & just a less than 30 seconds appearance of my fave character, Ryuk only. *sigh*

Special Japanese site promoting 『L change the WorLd』 : 『L change the WorLd』特集 ドガッチ[DOGATCH]

I received a set of premieres when I arrived at the theatre. Take a look... ... ... I've got a "L" magic cube, "L" lanyard(Candy version); with the decor being able to be attached & changed into a mobile strap, "L" chocolate USB thumbdrive & "L : change the WorLd" movie poster. Initially, I thougt the contents inside the white box would be a piece of made-to-order "L" chocolate. In the end, I got it half right only. Coz the content was a made-to-order "L" USB thumbdrive. Wow~!!

The movie is quite enjoyable with a few hilarious moments when L does some funny actions. Since there is funny moments, then of coz there'll be a few disturbing scenes. *Though I don't feel disturbed at all, maybe I should say~ I ENJOYED IT, might be a better term I guess.*

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yumegokochi store sale

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โดย: my_oom วันที่: 14 กุมภาพันธ์ 2551 เวลา:11:01:45 น.  

I hope someone uploads the movie some time. I love the Death Note series, this is a really cool concept!

WAAAH~ The USB looks cool!!!

Hi Unni, I miss you!

โดย: Rhanie Dongsaeng IP: วันที่: 18 กุมภาพันธ์ 2551 เวลา:20:02:14 น.  

Sorry~ previously I set a wrong command, thus not everyone is possible to post a comment on my blog entries.

I've rectify the issue already, it's possible to comment now. Looking forward to everyone's comment(s) here!

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Hey Fatt Choy!!!

โดย: ino (yumegokochi ) วันที่: 18 กุมภาพันธ์ 2551 เวลา:20:08:16 น.  

hello, i was wondering if you knew were i could get the chocolate thumb drive! it's really cute! :)

โดย: reader IP: วันที่: 20 กุมภาพันธ์ 2551 เวลา:22:37:01 น.  

Sorry I don't have an idea.
Maybe you can try checking auction sites & see if anyone wants to sell it.

โดย: ino IP: วันที่: 6 มีนาคม 2551 เวลา:16:52:45 น.  

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