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@ The park next to our place

@ Steven's House and play date

Showing emotion when thing not get in his way , He is really spoiled stubborn head

@ in the playpen

At month 15th of sebastian, A world's definition of hyperactive's stage and temper tantrums, his emotional seems to be so sensitive and required 100% attentions from parent.
Hearing some of Rumour says It's a parenting test's frustrated
OH well he got it 's good work so far.
It's like when mom and dad are disappeared and suddenly he throwing a tantrum, melt down,screaming, shouting,yelling anything he can do just to get what he wants but when we goes out doesnt seem to be a hard time at all
I would have to run quick to clam him down otherwise he won't stop and make my blood pressure higher again,lol and we are working on approaching how to teach him to have a very well behavior and a better manner by putting him a Time- out sometime, quite a bit harder because he doesnt understand language yet
and acting like I don't care cos I know mom love me the most.

He sleeps through the night 7 pm until around 7-8 am but still having a pacey addicted at night
which I'd trying to help him stop using it soon,besides his teeth is like "open bite" a little.

Mentally and language developed is pretty quick respond from Watching TV show, honestly say it's working he learns speaking from them and react sometime. Starts saying like mama,dada,baba,and baby's langauges with his buddy somehow.

Physical developed seem to be a little taller and weight is about the same,his pant size sorta shrink.
He has 12-16 months size depend on.. what's brand
Brushing teeth, 2 times a day without a battle :P

Eating habits is OK , he eats everything like an adult but just have to be not so spicy or thick.
Drinking is changed from a formula to be a whole milk 8oz and 3 bottles for aday after meal exclude a snack time,
so yeah a dirty diapers like 2 times daily basic.

Ability, running,walking,eating,blabing, throwing stuff. It seem to be like a normal kids in the same ages.
He has 8 teeth grin and able to chew some kind of soften meat like chicken, pork or beef.
Vegetable he likes is boiled carrot, cali flower, green bean.

Mostly fav dish is macaroni cheese, and some soup mommy made :)cheese stick,cracker,apple,banana,yogurt all good.
He is cuddling,kissable,lovable and sooo friendly which is we proud of his personality.
Also likes rhianna (our dog) playing and touching her tail
but unfortunately he sometime steals her food yes, it isnt harmful just little grossed me out.

Since I hardly have a time to blogging anymore, so this must be a 1st of 2009 and will last for a couple month or so, cause of my due date is on february and sure is I will be struggle with 2 babies in the same time, hehe....
So if you guys miss ur please drop a line I'd keep posting an update whenever I get a chance and bye for now.


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