i-DTEC เครื่องดีเซลรุ่นที่ 2 จาก Honda !!!???

ความจุพิกัด 2200cc เท่ากับรุ่นก่อนที่เรียก i-CTDi (แต่เมืองไทยยังไม่ได้สัมผัส)
ม้ามากขึ้น 10 ตัว
แรงบิดมากขึ้น 10 Nm


Making its debut is Honda’s second-generation diesel engine which builds on the outstanding qualities of the award-winning i-CTDi unit to raise the bar in the diesel stakes once again. Its advanced technology and overall capabilities place it firmly at the forefront of diesel development and underpins the Accord’s claim to offer one of the strongest combinations of dynamic performance and environmental responsibility in the marketplace.

Like its predecessor, the new i-DTEC engine is compact, lightweight, refined and quiet in operation. It employs the latest piezoelectric multi-stage fuel injection technology, more efficient exhaust gas recirculation and a particulate filter for significantly reduced emissions. At the same time both power and torque levels have been increased for a sportier driving experience. Output is 10 PS greater at 150 PS/110 kW at the same 4,000 rpm, while peak torque is now 350 Nm at 2,000 rpm.

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