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Things I need to work on

From Jeff

Key: Attend to yourself, your need first ..
before you attend to something else or someone else's needs.

Because if you don't do the first,
you will be dead/burn out when doing the latter.

So make yourself happy,
then work, or make someone else happy.

1) Feel good -- Extremely good about myself

Hypnotize me:
I am good. I am good.
My decision is good.
What I do is good.

Don't be so critical of myself.
Be Confident!

2) Don't force yourself to work
if you really don't want to.

Because you will hate to work.
Do it when you are ready.

-- Find out why you don't want to work -- Fix it first

3) Believe in your intuition.

It's a good thing. It's great to have it.

Let go if others don't understand it.
Don't bother if they are not seeing what you are seeing.

If you feel it's right to do it, DO IT ..
even it's against all the reasons

4) Surfing Internet is NOT resting.
You will be more exhausting.

- walk outside
- sit on a bench
- eat
- play music
- listen to music (on portable player)
- drink
- talk to (real) people

5) Try to check email 3 times a day only.

** Don't go straight to a computer after getting up.
Do something else first.

6) Set time to really work

- In the morning (or the time you feel most fresh during the day)
- No email, no cell phone, close door, no interruptions, don't schedule anything during this time
- 4-5 hours / day continuously (if possible)

Do something else (paper work, other work that doesn't require much concentration) in the afternoon.

7) Be very strict with 6)

"Defend it ruthlessly" - Randy Pausch

It will be painful. It is not easy.
It will take time. But it works.

From Reading
1) Try to be independent.

2) Set your own standard.

Don't rely on others' opinions

3) No one is perfect. Don't try to be

Make mistakes. Learn from it.

4) ASK, if you don't know.

It's not wrong not to know things. You can't know everything, dude.

Ask -- then you will know more.

5) If you think it's good, then it must be good!

Believe in yourself.

6) Be assertive, Don't be aggressive

Tell people what you want, politely

7) Own a sentence.

Use: I ...
Don't use: You ...

Ex. I don't agree. VS You are wrong.
Ex. I'd like you to do this. VS You should really do this.

8) Most things are Pass/Fail

You don't need to get A .. just make it PASS.

9) Before doing something, ask whether it is what you

9.1) Need to do
= Really important
= If you don't do it, you will get into a big problem.

THEN = DO it .. you have no choice

9.2) Supposed to do
= You "SHOULD" do it
= It's good to do it
= Someone else said it's good to do it
= The society + peers say it's good to do it
= People say ... blah blah blah

.. but
= You don't want to do it
= You do not enjoy doing it

&& You won't die if you don't do it

THEN = DON'T do it

9.3) Want to do
= You enjoy doing it
= You have available time to do it

&& It's not hurting anyone

.. but
= People may think it is funny/weird to do it
= People may laugh at you
= People will ... blah blah blah

THEN = DO it

1) My lovely Jeff B.
2) Brochures by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
3) Time Management by Randy Pausch


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