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Rosewill Releases the RHTS-8206 5.1 Channel Vibrating Gaming Headset

Rosewill, the world leading hardware solution provider, announces their latest 5.1 channel vibrating gaming headset, RHTS-8206, that will enhance the Rosewill gaming headset family. The addition of this headset will raise Rosewill’s gaming footprint to new heights by expanding their already extensive gaming components. Featuring a virtual 7.1 digital surround sound environment and large 40mm Nd-Fe-B magnetic drivers, this headset delivers deep bass, smooth undistorted highs, and crystal clear vocals. The vibrating feature will make your music and games come to life and give you a more immersive experience. However, having premium sound is nothing without comfort.

Equipped with soft ear cushions and weighing less than 1 pound, the RHTS-8206 is built for extreme comfort. Marathon gaming sessions will feel like a breeze with the type of comfort that these headphones provide. Storage is also made easy with 90 degree fold flat ear cups and a flexible, detachable boom has been added to give you unlimited adjustment for that perfect setup. The microphone is unidirectional that reduces background noise for clearer conversations.

  • Model: RHTS-8206
  • Chipset: CM6206-LX
  • Headphone Frequency Response:
  • o 0Hz-20KHz (Front Driver)
    o 0Hz-20KHz (Center Driver)
    o 20Hz-20KHz (Rear Driver)
    o 30Hz-150KHz (Subwoofer)
  • Headphone Input Impedance:
  • o 64O ±15%(Front Driver)
    o 32O±15%(Center Driver)
    o 32O±10%(Rear Driver)
    o 8O±15%(Subwoofer)
  • Headphone Sensitivity:
  • o 88dB±3dB(Front Driver)
    o 88dB±3dB(Center Driver)
    o 117dB±3dB(Rear Driver)
    o 89dB±3dB(Subwoofer)
  • Connector: USB
  • Ear Coupling: Circumaural
  • Cord Length: 6.6 ft.
  • Weight: 0.99 lbs.
  • Microphone Impedance: 2.2 KO
  • Microphone Frequency Response: 30Hz-16KHz
  • Microphone Sensitivity: -56dB±2dB
For more information, visit the product page.

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