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Farwell to My 8 years-old Thai Boy who called 911

Anthony Sukto เด็กชายไทยวัย 8 ขวบ ถูกพ่อแทงที่ท้อง Pranee Sukto แม่ของแอนโทนีฯ ถูกแทงตายไม่กี่นาทีล่วงหน้าไปก่อนแล้ว

นวลศรี กับแอนโทนี กำลังจะบินไปฟลอริดาในวันพุธนี้

Washington State
ประมาณตี 4 เศษ David สามีของนางปราณีฯ และพ่อของแอนโทนีฯ คว้ามีดทำกับข้าวแทงภรรยาตาย แล้วจึงกระเถิบไปแทงแอนโทนีฯ ลูกชายที่กำลังนอนอยู่บนเตียงข้างๆในห้องเดียวกัน

แอนโทนีฯ ไม่ตาย แต่แกล้งทำเป็นนอนตายแล้วจึงแอบโทรแจ้งเหตุด่วนเหตุร้าย 911 มือขวากุมโทรศัพท์ มือซ้ายกุมท้องที่อาบเลือดเต็มตัวแอนโทนีบาดเจ็บสาหัสถูกนำตัวส่งโรงพยาบาล

วันนี้ บาดแผลหายดีแล้ว และแอนโทนีฯ กำลังจะย้ายไปอยู่ Florida กับป้า นางนวลศรี พี่สาวแท้ๆของแม่ เพื่อฟื้นฟูแผลใจ สภาพจิตใจให้ดีขึ้น

The News Tribune
Last updated: February 1st, 2005 12:03 PM

Anthony Sukto, who called police last year to tell them his father had stabbed his mother to death and badly wounded him, will soon move to Florida to live with his aunt.
A Pierce County juvenile court commissioner approved Nuensie Oakley’s temporary residential plan for Anthony, 8, who was stabbed several times but managed to call 911 after his mother, Pranee Sukto, was killed.

The custody case wasn’t completely resolved Monday because a few standard forms had not yet been filed. Oakley, 48, is expected to get full custody during the coming month, said her attorney, Tanya Michaels.

Monday’s ruling allows Oakley to take the Tillicum boy to her Florida home and raise him. They leave Wednesday.

“It is a really big relief for me,” Oakley said after the hearing. “I need to give Anthony a normal life.”

Anthony captured the hearts of people in the community and throughout the country after the stabbings Oct. 22, 2004. He called 911 from his home early that morning and reported his father had stabbed him and killed his mother.

Prosecutors have charged Tony Sukto with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder. He is in Pierce County Jail awaiting trial, which is scheduled for May.

He joined in the petition to give Oakley custody and noted that he’d like to one day have contact with his son.

“I would like to have visitation and telephone contact with my son in the future,” he wrote.

No discussion of whether that will occur took place at Monday’s hearing.

The younger Sukto has been recovering well from his injuries and is seeing a counselor to deal with the trauma of what happened, Oakley said.

Today, he’ll say goodbye to his classmates and teachers at Park Lodge Elementary School and many of his friends at the Lakewood Police Department who looked after him after his mother’s death.

Oakley said her nephew looks forward to leaving the state and starting a new life in Florida.

He’s talked about being a scientist and wants to wear suits one day.

“He is going to grow up to be a brave young man,” said Oakley, who is Pranee Sukto’s older sister. “He want to leave all that, all that tragedy behind.”

Oakley thanked the community for its support. She also urged people in violent relationships to leave for the sake of themselves and their children.

“The persons that are going to pay for it is the children,” she said. “They are too innocent.”

Stacey Mulick: 253-597-8268 รายงาน

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