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Economy crisis cause.......

Hi there,

Anyone who lives in Nagoya or Tokyo reads the free magazine name Japanzine
I am a big fan of this magazine and I am most enjoy the column of Kazuhide .

This time Kazuhide is turn to be serious to address about cause of economy. I found its really interesting !!!.........

Japan economy is suck, and it totally fault of gaikoku (foreigner that he address to US specially)
That is fact. I actually study this very hard.
No, I not have economical Phd. BUT when I visiting to the my daughter in New Jersey, Vinnie...
taxi driver, talk to me in this taxi to JFK airport. He telling me much important informaitions.
I know taxi is source of true knowledge, even it is gaijin (foreigner)taxi. I drive one.

Basicarry, it is fault of the America FDR apple pie life. Japanese dream is built sweat and kill yourself for your company. American dream is built borrow the money from china and make mexicans wash dishes.
For now, I give you history lesson they not teach the book.

In great depression 1930, Japan is have a wonderful time.
We only trade in value. Knowledge, raw material, food, the silk.
In America same thing, BUT as Vinnie tell me, Bankers want more money, any time they wants it, so they make deal to FDR.
Let us print the money any much we want, and you can have more stuffs to government.

FDR say ok, and make Federal Reserve Bank. It is private bank that print all the money you wants.
The naturally, Vinnie say "badda boom, badda bing" economy is turn shit.
Everybody scare about the shit money, so try to turn it back to gold.
FDR say,No..bankers needs all the gold, so he make it illegal to have gold and take gold and take everyone gold because it`s "EMERGENCY"

Then American kick everyone ass the world war second, and cheat against japan use the nuclear bombs.
So everybody scare of America big swing dick.
So they fear and respect US shit dollar even it`s shit, they have to buy it or swing dick come and hit them.

The thing is kind of stabilize but American print more paper money than tree in rain forest in Brazil which hurt ozone layer.
This pissed off AI Gore but he lose the cowboy named Bush.
Bush doesn`t like muslim so spend more fake money too much the war.
They have a big debt, but China buy lots of paper money so America can buy the poison shit toys and stonewash jeans.

Then American so exhaust from wing the dick, everyone another country feel they don`t need to be afraid to buy dollar, so dollar drop like salaryman to ground on chuo line 2 am.
Then everyone notice American is huge fat county and don`t need to buy house on Florida hurricane beach for 4 million dollar that`s stupid, so price is go to shitty.

Then Obama got erect, so he print as much shit money as never print before, but we already bought china shit toys and nobody want to boy shit house; so everybody stare at each other holding paper money and shit their pants.

Anyway, I know that to talk about politic or religion are such a risky topic.

For the one who might don`t agree with what Kazuhide said, just don`t take it serious.

For me I always open mind to listen all kind of opinions.
Let`s enjoy your life with positive attitude.

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