Dance of an audit problem.
A. Take the following situation. The circumstances and the opinion of any candidate. Add paragraph to paragraph or business off the statement of December 31, 2552.
Data. A one-year audit report of the Company as at December 31, 2552 Dance Stars Limited.
Dance of the Audit of Financial Statements as of December 31, 2552 For you are the account number 113 is 1 / 111 Soi 30, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Viphawadi at the completion of the audit is dated March 16. 2553.
1. You find that the company did not record depreciation on office equipment in 2552 and the Company's depreciation policy. The depreciation of office equipment in 2552 amounted to 200,000 baht from the executive in question. The Company's policy to use the method of calculating depreciation on office equipment account. On a straight line for about 20 percent per year, the transaction is material to the financial statements.
2. As discussed in Note 13 to the financial statements on March 1, 2553 Supreme Court decision and the case is not possible, then the company loses a lawsuit from being sued for defective products to customers. The Company will be compensated for damages amounting to 5 million, the company did not record such liabilities in the financial statements in 2552 with the material to the financial statements.
3. You can not miss some of the accounts payable. Total debt outstanding at the end of the year 2552 is 7,000 baht, because the company did not provide the lender and at the end and you can not use other authentication methods. Transaction is immaterial to the financial statements.
4. You can not observe the inventory count for the remaining balance as of December 31, 2552, which amounted to 700,000 baht, since he was appointed after the inventory count. Can not be used to detect alternative to the satisfaction of the end of the period in inventories. Significant results.
5. The company had a net loss of 600,000 baht, and there is a lot of the deficit. Current liabilities over current assets amounting to 300,000 baht, however, its major shareholder, has confirmed that financial support to the company, the company plans to raise capital in the year 2553 significant items.
6. You can send a confirmation letter in the company's debts. I miss your debts and get back. The balance does not match the balance recorded in the Company's accounting for 10 million, which the company can not reconcile the accounts receivable to match it. You can not use another monitor to the satisfaction of that amount for the difference. Significant results.

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