Great Tissot T17152652 watch, if you actually know how to work it
After victimisation it for regarding 3+ weeks, i'm growing keen on this watch. Its thickness isn't that dangerous. Its vogue is extremely fashionable.This watch could be a straightforward and chic style, sort of a Swiss watch ought to be. The yellow hands on a black dial look very lovely. it's properly sized for medium and tiny wrists (39mm diameter, ~12mm thickness). although it's thicker than usual, it doesn't feel or look awkward the least bit. really it makes the watch even bolder. it's conjointly a bit significant, maybe another factor which will keep reminding you the attractive watch you're sporting. This watch is stylish and showy.

Some individuals have complained regarding the buckle and strap. My opinion is that the strap is of Tissot T17152652 fine quality however the buckle isn't. it's find it irresistible will break simply. Tissot might have created the buckle regular. The strap is difficult however not uncomfortable. I got wont to it within the second or third day.

Some individuals have conjointly found their watch is flawed or dead when usage. Tissot T17152652 watch comes while not a manufacturer's guarantee (It has AN Amazon warranty) and that is why it's cheaper compared to the retail value. positively some risk is concerned in shopping for an honest sit up for low-cost. Amazon includes a thirty days come policy that might facilitate just in case the watch is found defective on arrival.

Tissot T17152652 watch isn't loaded with options however it will do what it's meant to try to to utterly which is keep time and live time. Its been solely a handful of months since I bought this watch. i would update my review if I notice any issues. Hope this review helps

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