TAG Heuer CAP2111.BA0833 Excellent Stylish Watch
TAG Heuer CAP2111.BA0833 is my 1st premium or luxury watch. I even have had Tissots within the past however this was my 1st entrance into a watch that retails near two grand. i have to say this can be currently a prize possession of mine. it's nice with a suit, that I wear a minimum of three times per week for work, however it conjointly appearance unimaginable with a tee-shirt and jeans. I even have gotten a lot of compliments on that. it's not as flashy as some Tags that i favor. It resembles a Rolex Oyster Perpetual pretty closely from a distance, and has been mistaken for such many times, nonetheless its a fraction of the price. i like this watch and cant say enough positive things regarding it. I even have had the watch regarding four months and from what I will tell it loses perhaps a moment per month.

So, when operating for months on finish, I finally had some further money stored up to on my own one thing nice. I had the hope that i'd purchase a watch, that whereas pricey, would last a number of years and form up for (copious) quantity i might spent on that.

Like several of you, i used TAG Heuer CAP2111.BA0833 to be dropped at the Tag Heuer convenience Aquaracer Calibre five stainless-steel watch primarily for its appearance. i'm an enormous fan of diver's watchers, particularly those who square measure skinny just like the Aquaracer. Upon receiving the item within the mail, my initial impressions confirmed its aesthetic beauty, and that i was extraordinarily happy to possess what I believed would be a reliable "keeper" to stay with Maine through the years. My initial worry regarding shopping for a watch off thewatchbestprice.com (and NOT a certified dealer) was ab initio dampened by thewatchbestprice.com supposedly nice guarantee policy.

Boy, was I wrong! a straightforward google search regarding my watch yielded pages upon pages of a crucial style flaw within the watch, that went on to tons of if not thousands of householders. Google "Tag Heuer aquaracer crown thread issues." This drawback has been happening for years with this specific model, and Tag Heuer hasn't fastened it.

But, that's not my grief with thewatchbestprice. My drawback is that on the merchandise page, pride boasts however nice its guarantee policy is: "All TAG Heuer watches sold-out by thewatchbestprice.com square measure lined by associate degree business leading restricted biennial guarantee at no extra value."

It seems, if you do not browse the fine print, this common defect isn't lined by thewatchbestprice any. The crown is taken into account a "wear and tear" item, albeit some people report a malfunction during this element inside thirty days. thirty days?! however is that wear and tear, I argue? My TAG Heuer CAP2111.BA0833 has been going robust for many years, and this Tag Heuer would possibly fail inside thirty days underneath a condition not lined by thewatchbestprice's "industry leading guarantee."

If you contact TAG Heuer CAP2111.BA0833, they're going to tell you that you just bought it from associate degree unauthorized dealer, and to go away. still, thewatchbestprice makes it look like you're safe shopping for the merchandise from them, that isn't TRUE.

In retrospect, i'm fairly sad with my item, and also the incontrovertible fact that months of earned  cash would possibly go down the drain if the watch fails at the crown. still, My store created money!

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