Topgun Rally by TESA
The students are invited to participate in the development of skills embedded systems.
Dear Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Attachment 1. The Chairman informed the details about the project.
2. An application form.
Embedded Association of Thailand (Thai Embedded Systems Association: TESA) by cooperation.
Government agencies. Industrial sector Education and skills development programs to compete.
Embedded Systems (Embedded Systems: Top Gun Rally) to promote and develop the system.
Embedded in Thailand. To have knowledge. And has the potential to be competitive on the global stage.
During 23-29 October 2554 at the Faculty of Engineering. Naresuan University, Phitsanulok.
Association agreed that the project will be especially useful to students and institutions.
The selected students will be able K. And interest in embedded systems technology. Join the competition.
Skills in general? This? I would like to invite your agency. The student representatives participate in the project.
With the institution of a team of up to 5 people and can send a second team that the case K participated in the team.
I won a national or world stage, the competition has been recognized and is associated with the brain.
Embedded (with `The Association reserves the right to consider, as appropriate) to probe Of the treatment here - October 5, 2554.

Please be sure to consider Student representatives. Joined the project as well. And look forward to receiving good cooperation from your work.

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