Toshiba 32C120U 32-Inch
This was one among the few Toshiba 32C120U TV's in its worth vary that had VGA/PC audio input jacks, and that i used it consequently for a bedchamber setup with a media center computer. Worked nice for regarding associate degree hour, on the other hand the highest four-hundredth of the screen started injury white colours upwards into the edge, and also the terribly bottom had a sky-blue line going across the screen. The box was unmutilated, and also the tv itself had no visible problems, thus i'd have had a dud (manufacture date was Gregorian calendar month 2012, thus no facilitate there either). To be sure, I disconnected the VGA/PC inputs associate degreed used an HDMI input instead for a special device (xbox360), and same results. when reading through the reviews I additionally noticed  one alternative issue that a number of individuals were having: the remote would solely work intermittently despite having a replacement set of batteries in it. Back it goes, terribly discomfited however props to Amazon's nice come back policy.

Toshiba 32C120U is our initial video and replaces a Toshiba 19" color cathode-ray tube TV that is regarding fifteen years recent (and still worked pretty much as good as new). we have a tendency to watch TV just for the occasional videodisc or national emergency, etc., thus our necessities area unit terribly low, perhaps one or two DVD's per week, tops. we have a tendency to simply leaned a way to stream movies from Youtube and Hulu thus we'd  increase our viewing, however seriously, WHO has the time? Anyway this Toshiba video was an excellent purchase from our perspective. It permits direct hookup of a laptop computer, and incorporates a USB input, thus we are able to read photographic camera photos right off the SD Card; extremely convenient and fully the most effective thanks to show photos to friends. the image appearance wonderful to US, that you may expect coming back from a way older analog cathode-ray tube show, however we have a tendency to compared this to a Panasonic and a Samsung, that were far more costly and no higher image. Another advantage to the present comparatively smaller screen is that the unit will be raised with one hand. we have a tendency to store the Toshiba 32C120U TV behind associate degree antique Victor crank acoustic gramophone that sits before of an image window, searching on the chain. we have a tendency to failed to wish the TV to spoil the read, thus it sits on the ground behind the acoustic gramophone until required, then I simply raise it off the ground onto the acoustic gramophone cupboard and we're able to read. once done I simply place in back on the ground cowl|and canopy} it with the froth mud cover it shipped with. The poor man's hidden video setup. I had to rig a strap victimisation 2 of the wall bracket mounting bolt holes on the rear of the unit; no downside. It's virtually too simple

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