Panasonic VIERA TC-P50ST50 55-Inch Review
Received this Panasonic VIERA TC-P50ST50 tv on 3/6 from should be amongst the primary few house owners, ordered while not observing one in store as not offered up to now. Amazed by the image quality, black levels and popped up colours.
I have owned a 42" panasonic plasma for last seven years and has continuously found it superior in natural color replica and movie image quality in comparison to LCDs.
It was a time to upgrade. I did check out some LCDs however never found them any near plasma in natural color tones and movie image quality. i feel Panasonic offers the simplest quality plasma amongst only a few plasma makers left in market. thus picked p55st50 that is at competitive worth, superior than last years best rated vt30 and offers most options from higher line ups for 2012.
Here are few major options stood out to me. can add/edit later..
- Panasonic VIERA TC-P50ST50 wonderful image and color quality. Noticeable improved motion smoothness, vibrant colours
- profile is prettey slim. Around 1.5" thik. Thickness is uniform from prime to bottom exept the perimeters on all four sides are thinner. The bezel is better(thinner) than last years st30 model. there's a transparent plastic extention round the bezel that isn't enhancing the the planning and that i guess is added to produce protection against any harm to the perimeters. There aren't any buttons on front of the pannel solely the remote sensor the facility lightweight and that i guess a ambient lightweight sensor. The power, volume, channel and menu buttons are on the correct aspect back of the pannel that straightforward to access when required. The black bezel is sort of non-reflective and offers no viewing distraction as I even have noticed in another brands. The new antireflective screen appers to be operating well. The screen itself displays terribly less reflection even whereas watching in birght space with massive multiple windows
- three hdmi(1 with arc), two usb inputs on left back aspect that i suppose are over sufficient as most would not hook up over three hdmi sources and people who do and invest during this expensive tv would even have a reciever with multiple hdmi inputs.
- Out of the box the colours were displaying some tint/non-natural tones however when changing/adjusting settings they're wanting nice. i would have noticed Panasonic VIERA TC-P50ST50 as i'm used to observe a seven year previous plasma. currently truly I started liking the popped up colours and that they are positively look engaging in comparison to LCD displays. Black levels and details in dark are wonderful. Haven't seen as deep black levels in the other tv nonetheless. I most popular cenema mode for bluerays and custom for HD cable. SD videos showed some pixalation however that's expected on a fifty five in. massive show. Some lower resolution DVD and SD videos aren't as sharp as on my previous 42" 480p panny once more the magnification issue of 55" show is answerable. however most dvd video with smart resolution were displaying perfectly with none pixalation. i used to be blowen away by the image sharpness for blueray and hd cable channels.
- failed to notice any of the problems like fluctuating brightness, fbr mentioned for 2011 panny tvs in varied forums
- terribly straightforward and easy established
- Installation was fast (except - 2 individuals required to elevate and slide the panel into stand. Understandable considering the 55" size). established was terribly straightforward and intuitive. Connected via 5GHz wireless. there's possibility of connecting via ethernet however to this point i'm not noticing any bandwidth problems on wireless.
- The viera connect and web options are nice. DLNA support is wonderful. might connect with ps3 media server application on my laptop and stream some dvd movies with dolby five.1 sound. Browser wasn't put in out of the box, however might install it from viera market. there's android and ios app to regulate the tv furthermore as browser from good phone.

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