ASUS A53E-ES92 Outstanding value laptop
After our last ASUS A53E-ES92 laptop computer died i made a decision to urge a replacement laptop computer for my better half. She solely will light-weight recreation, internet browsing, and paying attention to music thus I knew she did not want something too strong. when exploring through dozens of alternative laptops I chanced on this one. whereas the specs looked good for what we wanted it to try to to, i used to be at first suspicious due to the low value. I've used many "value-priced" laptops at my geographical point thus i do know you regularly get what you buy. I did grasp generally ASUS may be a honored company, though, and that i patterned for the value it absolutely was well worth the probability. thus here's what I found:

Pros ASUS A53E-ES92:
- The screen appearance nice and sharp with smart distinction
- The touchpad is responsive (the basic stuff, see cons on the gesture motions)
- USB 3.0 and HDMI output at this value vary
- The performance for basic functions is nice

Cons ASUS A53E-ES92 (all minor):
- They divided the disc drive into concerning 120GB for the C drive and 150GB for the backup D drive (with solely 100MB of files on it). No reason to create such an outsized backup partition. I will repartition it, however it defies logic for the manufacturing plant to partition it like this.
- associated with the on top of, i am solely showing 270GB total on the 320GB disc drive. i do know you usually get but the publicised disc drive size thanks to some factors, however 50GB distinction appears somewhat excessive on a 320 drive.
- The gesture motions for the touchpad are hit and miss on behalf of me. i will be able to admit this can be the primary laptop computer I've used that has them so can be it, however i can not appear to urge most of them to systematically work aside from the scrolling.
- many bloatware put in, although that's not distinctive to the present laptop computer

Overall, the cons are not that huge of a deal ASUS A53E-ES92 to American state. I even have to mention for the money this can be most likely one among the very best worth laptops I've seen in for a while. you will not be doing any serious 3D rendering or hi-res games, however if you would like a laptop computer to try to to things like internet browsing, making workplace documents, looking DVDs,and even light-weight recreation i do not suppose you would like to seem any more.

This is the fifth ASUS A53E-ES92 laptop computer I purchased. It appears when a pair of years they become obsolete with the new package starting. this can be the primary Asus I purchased and am thwarted. I even have this laptop computer for over four months. The distinctiveness is that I even have no issues with downloading the newest package. I do have issues with the screen squeeze or enlarging for no reason once I am on the net. By exploitation ctrl + or -, I will correct it, however may be a nuisance.
I even have issues with it chilling and have to be compelled to restart it to unfreeze it. I quit having this drawback when my third laptop computer, and not pleased with this drawback.
It's way more powerful than my earlier laptops, however if something, somewhat slower at gap the net compared to my last 2 Toshiba's.

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