5225_invested 3.
3. The sweet being limited to the purchase of new machinery to replace old machinery.
The details about these two machines as follows.
New machines shipping cost 800,000 Baht 12,000 Baht 8,000 Baht for the lifetime of 5 years.
Apply for capital expenditure over $ 20,000 for first time buyers and 100,000 at the end of Year 4 will have to pay.
In the capital and maintenance 40,000 50,000 THB
2 year old machine back on a lifetime of 5 years at cost price over 50 000 500 000 Baht
If not sold by the end of Year 3 of a lifetime. Need to repair and replace a 70,000 Baht
If you sell now will sell it for 200,000.
Return to the 20% corporate tax rate of 30%.
The machine is applied to the cost per year.
Production costs (including depreciation) of machinery is new machinery 180,000 300,000 Baht
To do this calculation to decide whether the company should invest in new machinery to replace old machines or not.

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