Special problems - Analysis of capital expenditure.
Special problems.
Analysis of capital expenditure.

Article 1. Yuwadee limits being decided whether to buy new machinery to replace old machine in use today, which was purchased on 4 years ago, the price of 90,000 baht is expected to last for six years to sell now. It sold for 50,000 Baht
New machines that cost 196,000 baht to install 10,000 Transportation 40,000 with a residual value for the lifetime of 7 years and 50,000 are also required to pay for coaching and training staff to recognize the use of machinery and $ 20,000 capital expenditure is pretty simple. In this day and 50,000 in the next three years applying for additional funds to pay 50,000 baht on a new machine to have four years to replace the money to pay the amount of 60,000 Baht
If businesses do not buy new machines by the end of Year 5 of the life of the old machine. We will have to pay for a replacement for the 56,000 Baht
The machine will keep the cost below.
New machines (THB) New Machine (USD).
Raw materials 100 000 115 000.
Labor costs 50 000 65 000.
Production costs (including depreciation) 85 000 95 000.
We want a return on investment of 20% corporate tax rate of 30%.
To determine whether the company should buy a new machine to replace old equipment or using the net present value.

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