Red Velvet or Red Devil !?!

I'm really crazy about baking at the moment.
Well, we need lots of practice to get better, don't we?

One day, I decided to bake 'Red Velvet Cake' on my day-off work.
And as usual, nothing went smoothly.
I had 1/2 cup short of plain flour from the recipe. But I went ahead.

This recipe uses Baking Soda, which I had never used it before then.
When I put the batter in the oven, the cake seemed to pop up very high.
I was afraid that it would explode!
Luckily, it didn't. ^^"

The result look quite interesting.
However, it tasted a bit bitter.
Had I made the Red Devil instead of the Red Velvet?!?

I wasn't so sure why.
I consulted all the bakery experts around me.
They concluded that the bitterness is from Cocoa, not Baking Soda as I assumed.

The solution was to eat it with something that might rescue the taste.
I then made whipping cream and it turned out better.

Actually, according to the recipe, this cake should be eaten with frosting cream cheese.
I tried to make this cream cheese thing that day.
Didn't know why my cream was full of small lumps!

Oh well, I had been beating it for quite a long time.
I was afraid that my mixer's motor was going to burn before I could get the soft smoothy frosting cream cheese.

"Enough!" .. I heard someone shouting.
Haha .. that was my other half.
The motor worked very loudly and I thought I might need to have my hearing check afterward.

I put my lumpy frosting cream cheese on my cake.
It tasted heap better! Never mind the look.
And hey, don't worry about getting deaf from baking!:P

It's just a piece of cake!
Why is it so damn hard?
Baking .. whipping ..beating
Edible at last.

Canon 400D with 100mm f2.8

P.S.: Won't be home for a few days. Time for a short trip .. yay!

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