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Goodbye is Just Another Word - LOBO

ͺسԻٷٻ Cr. س laserdisc70 ^^

If the time should ever come
That you feel our race is run
And you're old brass bed's the only
thing that we share
If you think our ships come in
Let's just break it off my friend
Cause nothings worse than playing like you care.

* There's nothing that's so final about leaving
Even though I know that's what you've heard
Just like forgive, forget and try again
Goodbye is just another word.

If you feel the time is right
And you sneak off in the night
And live out all those stories in your head
When your shiny knight goes home
And you're left there all alone
And you need a friend remember what I said.

*/ */ *

ͺسŧ Cr. azlyrics.com

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