I love the choreography for 'Dangerous' and love the fact that Michael kept rearranging the song in different ways and adjusted the dance routines for several occasions including in concerts. His moves could always amaze me everytime that I watch him. I always feel exactly the same excitement no matter how many times that I watch him danced. Such a magical, phenomenal and inspirational human being.

I recommend you to watch these performances. I can hardly pick my favorites because all of his performances always blow me away. XP But how about you? What is your favorite Dangerous performance?

The first Dangerous performance that I want to show here was the first Dangerous performance at American Music Awards in 1993. He used the album version of the song to perform for this occasion. His dance moves were fast in this one and he was very energetic, too. Just simply took my breath away. XD

The next Dangerous performance is the one that he did at the MTV VMA awards in 1995. It is the most recognized performance for Dangerous. His performance is the best to ever happened among the other artists performing at MTV VMA awards. Not only that he performed Dangerous, but he also did a medley of his hit songs as well as You are not alone. Here I will present you only the Dangerous cut which is the hilight of his performance that night and undoubtedly the best of the night and of all time! ^^

Another Dangerous performance was from MJ & Friends concert in South Korea and in Munich, Germany in 1999. This version showed major differences from his previous performances and that was still awesome!

The last one that I want to post was when he performed at American Band Stand in 2002 which was almost 10 years apart from his first Dangerous performance in 1993! Yep, it's undeniable that he got older but his performance was still phenomenal for his age, you know. ;) The reception from the audience was amazing. They were super loud and went absolutely wild! Well, I can't blame them because if I was there, I would scream at the top of my lung, too. XP

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