No one can sing like him <3

I can spend my whole life listening to only Michael Jackson's music. xP I have been listening to his songs almost all day and everyday for months already. Perhaps, it's because I miss him just a little toooooo much. ^^" To be honest, I am always like that from time to time since I became his fan.

Seriously, I am fascinated and spellbound by his vocals. I absolutely adore his voice either when he sings or talks. I love his low-pitched voice when he talks and every pitches he uses when he sings. In addition, when he sings, he amazingly delivers every different emotions through the music. I can always feel what he sends out from the way he sings, either love, happiness, sexiness, sadness, pain, angriness and every other existing emotions in human. He becomes one with the music and express every possible emotions incredibly well that it touches deeply in my soul. He is beyond phenomenal that I am profoundly addicted to him and can never find my way out of it. ^^ 

I found the compilations of his live vocals and I love to share them here. It's simply beautiful just like an angel sings. Tears in my eyes again when I watch these videos. T-T

An interesting analysis on Michael's vocal ranges from low to high notes. Amazing!

Now I wanna add the quotes that mentioning Michael's vocal abilities. Here you go!

1. "There's only one singer that I know as good as or better than myself, and that is Michael Jackson." (Frank Sinatra)

2. "Working with Michael Jackson's voice is like fine-tuning a Ferrari. He's the greatest male singer I've ever worked with." (Seth Riggs)

3. "There is a reason his songs are rarely covered and it is that most of them are excrutiatingly hard to sing. Ask any singer. He has a range that almost no other male singer could rival and a timbre that is entirely unique. Add to that exquisite control and speed and an ability to make any song his own and you have a genius vocalist."

4. "What Michael Jackson doesn't do is belt and most people think that belting is what makes a singer great. Michael did as a kid and grew out of it. He's more interested in using his voice as an instrument and in bringing different emotions to a song."

5. "He takes those lyrics, and he goes inside them in such a way...that if you're a vocalist, you study Michael Jackson. It's mandatory." (Jill Scott)

6. "One of the key elements of his style is how he uses his voice as an instrument. His signature grunts — "ugh," "ah" and all that — are rhythmic things that guitar players or drummers usually do. He's one of the most rhythmic singers ever — Prince emulated James Brown a lot more, but Michael Jackson approximated it more naturally.

And he has insane range. I can sing pretty high, but I had to drop "Beat It" a half step when I sang it. He sings this incredibly high note — I think it's a high C or even a high C-sharp, which no one can hit — on "Beat It," as well as "Billie Jean" and "Thriller." What people don't realize is that he can go pretty deep too. You hear that on "Burn This Disco Out," on Off the Wall — he goes deep into his range, which blows me away.

Think about it: On "Beat It," you had an R&B singer doing a full-on rock song with Eddie Van Halen. Or the intro on "Man in the Mirror": He's got this reverb in his voice, and any time he goes "uh!" it goes for miles. To me, that's up there with some Brian Eno shit. That's how far out there it is." (Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy)

7. "When most people think Michael is singing falsetto, he's not; the singing is all connected. That's testament to Michael's prowess as a vocalist."

8. "An odd thing about Michael Jackson is that he has a totally spectacular voice but he doesn't feel the need to amaze us with it. At all. His favorite technique for conveying passion is to choke off his words. On dance songs he makes his voice as hard and compact as the percussion, reducing himself to icy shards and chilly wails. And when he lets loose with dazzling gospel-like displays, he undermixes these displays, letting them play in the background while drumbeats or simpler vocals take the spotlight. Or he'll just put whispers in the front of the mix, while scaling heights in the distance." (Frank Kogan [music critic at The Villiage Voice, 2001])

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