In The Closet..

One of my favourite songs and MV by Michael Jackson is "In the Closet" from Dangerous album. Although it was one of his underrated songs, I am deeply attracted to both; the song and the MV. I love the color tone, the cloth, the hair of Michael in the MV. He also looked healthy, happy and super gorgeous..well, Just perfect! XD But above all those reasons is that he was too d*mn sexy that I could hardly contain myself. #LOL  

Some may find that this song is kind of sexual in terms of the lyrics and all. However, for me, it is like a beautiful piece of art. Michael's look and movements are all combined into a perfect art form. The model, Naomi Campbell, who starred in the MV besides Michael was pretty and sexy. She also had a great chemistry with Michael and I like that!.

So let's just watch the MV!

Here goes the 'making of the MV'. The video quality is not good but I find the content was entertaining to watch. There were sensual scenes that were not included into the MV being shown and they were sizzling hot just like what the reporter said 'Michael is generating more heat than the desert sun!' Well, I do agree with her..XP

Another 'making of the MV' below. This one was officially released and it contained different scenes in comparison to the previous video and in a better quality, too.

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