When I miss him a lot these days..

My first celeb crush and my first obsession has come back to drive me crazy again. XD It's actually surprising for myself because it has been quite a long time that I was not into him that much and I thought that I moved on. Well, apparently, I have never. Recently, I watched his short films out of boredom and then all the feels that I had for him just came back to me. Since then, I have listened to his music, watched his videos on youtube, read the fanclub's forums and stayed on twitter everyday. It is just like I fall in love with the same person all over again. #haha So I think that my feeling for this great man has never left me and it will stay, I dare say, until I stop breathing. :D

This man whom I mentioned above is none other than the king of music, Michael Jackson. I became his loyal fan since his 'Dangerous' era. I remember that I was really madly obsessed with him for so many years. Then one day in 2009, the news that he passed away reached every continents in the world but I do not recall that I shed tears. Perhaps, I was shocked and denied to accept that he left the world. However, these past months that my feels came back again, I began to cry a lot. My tears just pour down my face every single time that I miss him. I get emotional very easily for him that I come to realize that he still has a tremendous impact on me. I even think that, if the next life exists, I wish I were born to appreciate him, his phenomenal talents, and his greatest achievements again. It's that much of "L.O.V.E." that I have for him. ^^ 

Yesterday, I found a HD video of 'Billie Jean' performance in Bucharest. I watched it in different versions before but never get bored to watch it over and over again. This version has the best camera angle and the best quality that I recommend you guys to watch. Seeing him smiled so brightly, sang soulfully and danced so passionately and energetically (like he gave his all) are absolute heaven to me. Well, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do and let 's just appreciate the breathtaking and captivating performance from the greatest entertainer of all time! ^^

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