When he went for rock!

Michael did not sing only pop songs, you know. He sang different genres of music as well, for example; ballad, rock, disco, R&B etc. Today, I feel like I want to hear some rock songs from him. There are 2 sort-of rock songs from him that I adore. One is 'Dirty Diana' and another is 'Give in to me' from Bad and Dangerous album, respectively. Not only that I love the songs, but I am also head over heels with the MVs. Well, he was soooooo fine, hot and sexy af with the way he sang and moved. Simply magic and he turns me into a perv! #lol >/////<

Here goes 'Give in to me'! Ah, how much I love his yummy black outfit! And the way he pointed his finger, the way he flipped his long curly hair, the way he span, the way he rocked the composition, etc. ME?: drools, squeals, nosebleeds, can't take my eyes away from him, etc! XD 

And now it's 'Dirty Diana'. His fan girls wanna be that microphone stand so much. XP His moves and his expression attack me again! That shoulder's move..that hip thrust..that fierce energy, that huge belt buckle, that bandage etc. are all asdfghjkreiorue!! XP

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