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Another song and short film that is one of my all-time favorite is 'Remember the time'. You may wonder if there is anything about Michael that I don't like. I would say "Nothing!" #haha ^^ Well, basically, 'Remember the time' has a nice, happy and cute beats that you can always dance along. As you already know, Michael was the pioneer when he created his short films. His visions were beyond what you can imagine. You can always expect extraordinarily captivating and inspirational short films from him. I remember that I was hooked to his works instantly at the first minute I watched them. I was like OMG! WOW! XD

'Remember the time' short film contains Egypt theme where Michael wore golden Egyptian style cloth which looks perfect on him. I love the dance routine as well, especially that moment when he wiggles his index finger while doing the hip thrust and doing that sexy expression on his face. Totally drool-worthy! XP

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