I'll never let you part. For you're always in my heart.

'Will you be there' 
was an OST for a movie called 'Free Willy'.
  It is one of my favourite songs that I can always come back to listen to. The song is spiritual, pure and uplifting. The melody and the lyrics are beautiful. The way Michael moves are divine. He is so graceful like an angel. Just breathtakingly beautiful. 

I'm gonna post two versions of the MV. The first one is 
the one that contains scenes from the movie I mentioned above and it is on his official VEVO so the video quality is better than the second version
from MTV 10th anniversary in 1991. The dialogue in the end of the song is not included in the first video though but it is there on the second one which is good since I like the ending when the angel embraces him. That moment always looks gorgeous to me. [I wish the angel would protect him and bring him peace, joy and happiness in heaven where no one could ever hurt him. <3]

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