It's okay, that's love

I just finished watching a korean drama 'It's okay, that's love' and I can't resist to write about it. I didn't read any summary and synopsis of this drama before so my impression while watching was that the plot of this drama was uniquely interesting and I thought that Jang Jaeyeol (Jo Insung) is a very charmimg novel writer. It's like I got a crush on a playboy for real. Haha :P As the story progressed, it turned out that Jaeyeol is a pitiful character because he has a psychological disorder called schizophrenia that caused by his abusive stepfather who often beat him when he was a child and his brother's incident after his stepfather was dead. The female lead in this drama is Ji Haesoo (Gong Hyejin) who is a psychiatrist so she was able to help Jaeyeol to overcome his trauma. I admit that I didn't really fond of her character that much in the beginning but when she fell in love, she became a less anoying person and that's good to see.

In addition, what I like about this drama is that all of the characters are realistic. Their behaviors, conversations and emotions are commonly found in any of us. The scripts also teach me a lot of things that can be happening to one's life, how we can cope with the problems and how we can overcome the pains and live a happy life.

Here I will leave my favorite OSTs from this drama for you guys to listen and watch. Hope you'll like them. ^^

Clip credits : Yozohhh2014CH8v


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