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You have no idea how happy I was when Nadech had different kinds of works to offer. Something new that he rarely did and it happened like a great surprise. I don't care what you think about me as a fan because this is my personal opinion that is not harmful to anyone. I always want to see him doing what he's never done. Something that could attract me to continue supporting him. Otherwise, it could get boring observing him doing the repetitive loops of stuffs. 

ok..let's get back to the topic I want to write today. Thanks to #vicbig3 event that could make a wonderful surprise happened. It was a special show by Nadech and Mew Nittha. They are the leading couple in Tarmrakkuenjai. Basically, they walked on the red carpet to introduce the casts and the drama. Even more special was that they sang and danced together as the finale of the event. IMO, the performance is adorable, sweet and beautiful. It actually turned out better than I expected. Mew is a petite and sweet girl who looks compatible with a taller and cool type of a man like Nadech. I also like her dress, hair and makeup since she looked absolute gorgeous to die for. Another thing that I'm impressed is Nadech's vocal. He sounded great for this category of music. 

well, following are the videos of the red carpet, the performance, the interview after the performance and Tarmrakkuenjai teaser.


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