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This place was recommended by my colleaque. I had asked him where to get decent milk tea around here when he mentioned about this place and egg waffle. I had no idea how it would look. I thought it was a Western-style waffle with custard cream fillings. Wrong. It turns out looking like this:

Currently at Eggettes's, there are three flavors of this funny looking egg waffles: They have in original, chocolate and melon (or cantaloupe). Personally,I like the chocolate one the best. I was observing how the guy made it. First you need the special waffle griddle made of cast iron. It looks quite heavy. He then poured the ready-made waffle batter which sits in the canister beside the griddle. He waited a couple of minutes then flipped the griddle. Hmm,it was quite interesting. How he made it was not so different from how a Western-style waffle is made but it tastes quite different. The tip is that it's best to eat these eggettes fresh out of the griddle. It tastes quite starchy when it's left to cool.

Each individual eggette looks like this:

At Eggettes, there are other Chinese-style snacks you can enjoy. We had rice rolls with peanut sauce and shrimp balls. Rice rolls are pretty good although the peanut sauce is quite strong. I don't like the shrimp balls as much. It tastes like something you can find in a frozen food section in supermarket.
This is the rice rolls:

This is the shrimp balls:

This is the orginally what I was looking for:

The milk tea here is alright but the tapioca balls are not what I expected. You can tell them if you like it to be less sweet as their tapioca balls are quite sweet already. The size of the tapioca ball served here is about half compared to what I'm used to. That makes it less chewy. Also the taste is quite sweet.

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