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[Review] Asian Desserts in Bay Area

I had mixed feelings moving to Bay Area. I was desperate for a job but
didn't I move enough during these past few years? You feel that you no longer belong anywhere and you learn to fit all
your life in a suitcase. I gave up this thought of buying a decent watch for me as I never stay in a constant timezone.....I hate adjusting my watch and changing my sleeping pattern.
Hey,am I blabbing to myself?
Before straying too much from the review, I should start.
I've always been passionate about desserts. Since a kid, I have always
discrimated between food and dessert. For me, dessert is something you should treasure. It is an art. Who cares about real food? I used to tell myself that. Unfortunately now I have to care about real food also.
Bay Area doesn't let me down.
I have been to these dessert places around Bay Area. Which one do you want to see first?

1) Creations Desserts
2) Golden Island Dessert House
3) Kow Loon Tong's
4) Fraiche Yogurt
5) Yummy Yogurt
6) Monster Desserts
7) Hello Desserts
8) Dessert Republic
9) Tien Mi Mi Desserts
10) Trendy Bean Cafe
11) Eggettes

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