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Pâtisserie Philippe's, San Francisco


It all started with a macaron from BOUCHON. After unsatisfying results of my homemade macaron, I decided I needed some motivation and inspiration.

Situated in SOMA district of San Francisco, Pâtisserie Philippe's is the closest thing to authentic French Patisserie I have found so far.
Pâtissier Philippe was trained from one of the most celebrated French Pâtisseries,LENÔTRE.

I like to be well-armed before I go dessert hunting. So I was looking the menu and what people like at Pâtisserie Philippe's.I was thinking that the menu is so impeccably French. Isn't that a good sign?

It was a little bit hard to find parking. I also suggest you bring a lot of quarters. The place is easily seen from afar. I just can't wait to go in! The theme colors are pink and silver.

It is a cozy cafe with different kinds of fresh-cut flowers on every table. I just couldn't resist taking picture of these tulips.

I had my eyes fixed on croque monsieur when I spotted this quiche. Maybe spinach and feta cheese quiche is more inviting. It was heated and served in a decorate plate. This quiche is quite different from the one found in American cafe. It is light and each bite gets better.

A single-shot mocha in a soup bowl hahaha. This is good. I finally had to request this to-go. I later enjoyed it at home. Still good!

This is the culprit! Lemon macaron. There was an array of flavors. I bought coffee and lemon. This is the macaron I wish I could make at home!

The ganache is also great. It compliments the croque so well.

This one is to be enjoyed at home,hazelnut eclair. The noisette creme is blissfully delicious. I'm actually surprised I had no complaint about the sweetness.

I had asked for a religieuse but was informed that Pâtissier Phillipe rotates his creations. I think there will never be a dull display of his desserts.

Needless to say how much I enjoy Monsieur Philippe's desserts, I'm already thinking what to try next time I go back there!

Pâtisserie Philippe's web site.



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