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19 พฤศจิกายน 2548
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It's been ups and downs for me in the past few weeks that I hadn't write for a while. A day after I wrote about my favorite rams, they lost big time. In addition, of all 3 games I've watched so far, Plaxico Buress, Edge James and Shuan Alexander easily outplayed the entire team. It's very frustrating as a fan ---but leave it on TV, what I have experienced over a month span is far more intimidating.

After completing 4 exams within a month, I had come to anticipate one of the most turnarounds of every teenage---faster than anyone expected, myself included.

In the month of October, many of senior high schoolers had taken an entrance examination, which is now know by the name of Admission. As for me, I took 3 of them---Architecture, art composition and drawing, plus am exam for Quota students I've taken earlier. I'm not sure whether I did good in any of them. Should I said solid? --- As least I felt positive for what I'd done.

And to the power of positive thoughts, I'd never felt that calm during the course of the year until the final admission annoucement at KMUTT(King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi) as my heart exploded:

"I have a future" I thought, while closing my eyes with disbeliefs. Feeling so blessed inside and screamed in a sound not seldom heard by my own self.

However, back to reality, there's much to be fixed here Remember all the procedures prior to the enrollment? Well, I got a bit lost here and there, from missing paper, getting lost to wardrobe mulfunction. But with the power of calmness and positive thoughs, I somehow survived by an inch.

While the university enrollment process looks easy, but one or two things I learned are to stay as calm as possible and not to take things for granted. You may think ahead, but better not by far. It's not the end of high school yet. I'm sure today I will enjoy last months as a high schoolers as much as I can. Imagine how 6 years has gone so fast. I have just imaginating myself as a 12 year old girl walking to the school I've been for 6 years for the first time. And the last thing I need is people talking about my definite future.

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