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I keep my head on straight --| new CD: part II

I'm on the verge of making decision about what to buy occasionally and what should I collect? So after a few months seeing myself having loads of new CD(not very new though, only 2 were released in 2005), I decides that from now on, I will constantly buying CDs from my favorite artist, whoever I really like, I'm going to buy tham all.

Since Lifehouse, I didn't but anything new anymore. But I was expecting to buy some too. However, it had to be 3 months afterwards because my mom said so.

But no! I didn't even have to wait till 3 months to get a new stuff. It was, in fact, 2 months and 20 days. And I didn't even buy a new album. But don't get me wrong because I didn't buy used. What I bought today is a rock record released in 2002, a very good one I have to say.

I recently bought Tonic's Head on straight. Well, when mentioning the band Tonic, I believe very few of you would know who they are. They are a 3-piece-band, no official drummer. They have released 3 LPs and had few hits on billboard chart. One of their most memorable song is "If You Could Only See" on which was the most played rock song in 1997. Also, their 3rd effort, Head on Straight was nominatated for 2 grammys in which one of them was for the best rock album while the other was for best vocal performance by duo or group on the song "Take me as I am".

Looks like the band have achieved a lot, right? Well, tonic has created lots of fanbase in the US. However, due lacks of support from their label despite the 2 grammy nominations. The band was dropped from Universal Records in 2004. Anyway, I'm not sure what happen, Universal music group is not fund at dropping bands, so I tend to believe that their record contract were expired instead. Because easily, how can you get rid on the bend with grammy nominations?

So you might be wonder why I just bought their album recently? The thing is, I have only knew Tonic for 4 months---via Yahoo! music station when I heard the song "You wanted more", I was definately hooked right away. And before I knew it, I'd already given the band 4 stars rating, and 5 stars few months later.

Now continue on the album, this was my first album I bought since May. And to conclude that, Head on straight is the most expensive album that I ever bought as well. Also, when open the case, I found no lyrics. As a result it'd have been harder for me too sing along. But thanks to many of great reviews I'd read from and the song "Take me as I am", I found no reason to feel disaapointed prior to buying this album. So after few's my review

What people on the internet said it's true, Tonic is one of the most underrated rock band out there. They have one of the best overall sound I've ever heard. On Head on straight, it's full of kick-ass loud guitars, great but catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics on both rocks and power ballads. Therfore I start to wonder why this album didn't get the recognition they deserve, and that kinda makes me angry too.

I'm not good at reviewing each songs individually, so is this time. Overall, there's no skippable song for now. My early favorites are "Roses", "Take me as I am" and "Head on Straight" But I believe I'll find more of them cause every song is quite unique but still blends together perfectly. And For those who likes Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse, Vertical Horizon and mainstream pop/rock bands, this one is definately worth checking out.

I personally believe that this album is gonna on my CD rotation for quite a long time. Eventhought there's no lyrics, but I'm getting hooked already. Unlike those Britney's and Jessica Simpson's, because without lyrics, I lost all the interests of their album completely(But I admit that Jess has quite a beautiful voice).

visit tonic at and to listen to some live acoustic performances and be their friend!

Last but not least, on Next edition I think I'm gonna list some of my favorite songs from variety of artists and conclude them into one playlist.

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