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Silly argument--

Since that I enjoy rock music more and more each day. Heck, I even listen to nu-metal, the type of music on top of my 'hated' list. I believe it is time to tell you my story related to this type of music. And it's not just me involved in this story anymore. It happened here, on the internet, with me and my friend as main characters.

It started when I was on the verge to become rock listener. In fact, I was already did back then, just still kinda stuck in between pop-rock chicks, who is rocker-wannabe and rock bands, the real modern rock performer. Now that I've already decided which way I'm gonna lean on. So these days, my music style is like 'say goodbye to teen rock music and make a switch to adult alternative rock' style.

So let's get to the story...

After my mom left to SF, I spent almost a quater of money she gave me to one CD I already had casette back home. No hardly guess, hours after I sent my mom to the airport, I went to education fair with my friend(not mention above) and her friend's friend. We spent time together for few hours before all of us waved goodbye and went to different direction. I decided that I want to spend time looking around CD warehouse and probably added another CD in my collection. It took me more than hours to find the store. I wandered around from Central world plaza to siam center to siam discovery, where I saw Film, who I didn't know then and even questioning why girls got to mob him just for a photograph. He's on stage testing mic. So I asked a lady next to me before I knew, I've seen on tv promoting his album, but never reconized his face. Anyway, who cares who he is. I'm over teen pop stuff anyway.

I was already tired when I got my feet at Siam disc. Fortunately, there was watson's 100 branch celebration party there where VJ Ja and Nadia hosted the party. Luckily they said cocktail was for free. So I picked up on stick of grapes before I know it's only for VIP members and ran out from the crownd. Embarassing am I? Lucky for me no one saw.

However, I didn't know CDW is located at siam center. So I got to ran back to the place I was before, f**king tired again. But it's worth it.

CD warehouse is at 4th floor of siam center. I was there now and ready to search for my favortie things---

It wasn't quite a good discover. I didn't look all at my favorite artist like Lifehouse's old ones, matchbox 20's and incubus. I instead spent too much time with 3 Doors Down's albums, Tonic's head on straight and Used CD. Nevertheless I took much more time walking between hallway and bridge to BTS since it rained with no umbrella and very exhausted. In fact, I took 3 walks before I came back to buy my now-favorite 3DD's new seventeen days for 399 bath. And I swear I'd never spent so much money on music before until this one. I also enjoy what I just had too much until I forgot my bags full of papers.

Despite buying album I already bought, I still overjoyed when I first got it new 'on CD'. I open SD right away, very impressed with the art on the disc and very excited how clear sound was gonna be like.

So let's skip the my impression with SD to the story that is about to happen. Here's the climax--

I had already made an agreement with my friend that we're going to exchange songs. Therefore I gave her my SD casette and said 'return it whenever you want' with my mp3 full of modern rock tracks plus Rob Thomas' Lonely no more, which is wasn't quite a rock song for me but very popular among US radio airplay and could quite catch her.

I kept ask her about how's the song almost everyday for a week. But it looked like she paid little attention to the new sound I provided her, at least new to her because she only heard of the name 3DD then when I told her this is my favorite band earlier this year.

It wasn't until friday when I asked her for the last time what she feel about the record. Although she said she liked Let me go and The real life. But that wass when it began, on the internet--

I gave her a look at Here Without You song. After a little while, I started typing what's in my heart, saying like I hate what cable music channel provided us today. It's full of pop, hiphop craps and not such a quality music these days--

Then she started being so defensive. Saying things like most people listen to that type of music so admit what those channel plays and do not complains. We almost started a fight until she and I both calmed down.

Don't get me wrong, not that I don't like those kinds of popular music. In fact, I think I'm very mainstream with the music I listen to. They just don't get much airplay in Thailand, that's all. Let me say that my intention is not too convince people to listen to my kind of music. Heck, I, in fact, got the music I listen to these days from VH1, the best music channel ever, too.

Anyway, nothing happened thereafter. But there's 1 thing I knew for sure was that, Don't ever talk to your friends about your kind of favorite music ever until you find out you and your companion has slightly same style, and I do so to my friend.

But isn't it nice to have someone to talk to entirely about music?

Last but not least, I would like to say that--If you got tired of popular music, such as rap, hiphop, r&b and whatever that's played alot, whether that's on popular radio station and MTV. Try LaunchCast on Yahoo! music, you won't be disapppointed :) I listen to them alot and already got one more heavily-favorite band, Tonic and lots of more favorite songs.

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