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Plans ---

I Didn't write this for a while. Well, that's because I want to buy a book and write my own journal there. It's not a diary, It's a book that I will keep everything I write, I draw on spare time in there. That's my project for now. Unfortunately, I run out of money. So my book project is gonna be delayed for a while. But I've already done something about what's in the book and put them everywhere I can find. I wrote songs(not acual songs, just poems), drew pictures of clothes in my tutor books and peices of paper. I did this all over the place and eventually, I will be able to find one real place to keep it because I just really don't want them to go waste.

That's my plan for now... In fact, I've got more. I want 3DD's better life and another 700 miles CDs. Luckily my mom's friend bought A7M for me and I will have it as soon as she got back from SF. As for The Better Life, I have casette, the songs rock real hard, but just doen't sastified my need when it comes to qualities. So that would be enough reason to but CD anyway, since 3DD is my favorite band, ever!

I would like to thank my mom and her friend for Away From The Sun CD, I can never put it down, never :) Mom, enjoy your trip and hopefully, you'll come back looking as good as ever.

CDs plan:
1. 3 Doors Down, the better life
2. Lifehouse, lifehouse
3. Jack Johnson, In Between Dream (for sis)
4. Matchbox twenty 'more than you think you are' or Rob Thomas 'something to be' solo? dont know for sure, please help---

By the way, speaking of Rob Thomas, I like his new single 'lonely no more', but it's just too poppist which is the kind of music I try to escape from. Besides, someone said the song seems like coming from boy band member rather than rock band, which I agree. Damm--I hate his music video even more. I know the girls are gonna scream of his charm, but I hate seeing him doing dance thing. As a result, I believe More than you think you are or mad season is a better choice since I like 'Bent' and 'Bright Lights' so bad.

As of Lifehouse, I had intention to buy their first or second album. I really like 'Hanging by the moment','Spin' and other songs I heard on launchCast. But that new single 'You and Me' keeps catching me around from week to weeks. I mean, at first, I saw the MV everytime I turn on TV, I saw it before I went out, I saw it before I slept. That would be normal if the music channel is trying to promote the band, right? But come on, Lifehouse's new album isn't even available in CASETTE in Thailand. Do you expect the TEEN music channel is going to promote their album? you've got to be kidding me.
So I asked people at 3DD's massage board on other bands board. I asked if seeing that one mv is a sign that I should their new album and ask for recommendations. They said it is. And I really like their songs so Why not?

As for Jack Johnson, he's pretty popular right now, right? I like his single 'sitting, waiting,wishing'. But I'm not very keen on 'acoustic and very soft rock' much, but my sister is. And looks like Jack Johnson style is her style. Besides, she doesn't really buy much CD and download everything from P2P program. So, buying In Between Dreams to her is a sign convincing her to 'support the artist'

Must-have CDs
*Incubus - moring view
this one, I want it so bad. No reason, I just like their music. It's just unique and very enjoyable. I already have 'A Crow Left Of the Murder' is quite enjoyable but Morning View, people said is just 'Masterpiece' and I really like singles from the album. Damm, I still can't believe I missed the concert they made last year. Why? my mom wouldn't let me, I ran out of money and I was too young.

But I swear, next time my favorite bands come to Thailand for concerts, there is no way on earth I'm going to miss.

Well, these are my plans for now, not sure if I'll succeed or not. But I hope some of these plans--I will


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