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Interesting CDs

I just too much fun writing journal while listening to 3DD's. Anyway, let's get to the story real quick--

I went to Jedi musicstore yesterday, checking out new things--rob thomas, perfect. But I'm not ganna buy it then, when I still had cash. Lifehouse, next time, OK?

However, the interesting thing coming from there is not new CDs. They are old ones, only about 2 years old, on a blowout! 199 baht!

I didn't have to dig in a hole much to find interesting ones. Just turn around and looked and one box full of CDs. Got to tell you that I don't really like checking out things from blowout much and that was my first time, so it's kinda surprise to see something as new as

- The Thirteenth Step | a perfect circle
- Liz Phair | Selftitled

It's kind of intriguing because those are 2 artists I know, never really know their songs much. a perfect circle's drummer Josh Freese played drums in 3DD's away from the sun. Liz Phair, as fas as I know, is a queen of rock indie, but people said her selftitled is kinda radio-friendly and I've heard 'why can't I' before and don't really like it. Anyway, how can people resist blowout price?

So I came home to check out music from a perfect circle. It's quite good, but I haven't listen to them as a whole. So we'll see if I like their music or not.

Nevertheless I found myself always discovering for the new things. While discovering a perfect circle, I also check out Nikka Costa's new single form new album can'tneverdidnothin' And man, I got to tell you, her new single rocks! she's definately a female rocker I'm looking forward to become a fan :)

Checking out
-Nikka Costa
-a perfect circle
-PJ Harvey
-Liz Phair
-Alter Bridge (3/4 of creed)
-Breaking Benjamin

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