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NFL baby!

I'm not that kinda girl. It's funny that I like sports as much as I love fashion and design. It's totally different thing but hey! that's me.

So NFL is on their way to week 4 now. I didn't pay much attention during the preseason. But now there's regular season, I completely turn my head on.

It's tough cheering this season. One because my favorite QB, Kurt Warner, play on the same division as the Rams. Second is....well, I don't really expect much from the Rams.

Things have changed a lot since I came cheering them. Although there're many things that bother me about the Rams, but I stick to them throught thick and thin. You may wonder why I still like them when I hate the team's HC? Well, there's a connection. It's not about the individual players or a single game. There were times that I thought I would had switch the team because of all those circumstances. But whenever I come to see them I'll always get excited, whatever the outcome is.

It's all started in early September, few days before 911 when the Rams started to caught my attention. It was when I started to learn about the city of St. Louis. One day, I turn on TV, there were an STL@PHI game playing. The St. Louis Rams suddenly caught my eyes thanks to their coolest uniform. And when the offense came to play, the greatest show on turf got me chilled. Marshall is great, both Ike and Torry Holt are fast, and watching Kurt Warner managing the game is quite exciting, you can tell by the way he shout out candence that this guy is smart. All combined, the Rams 2001 offense is the most exciting offense I've ever watched. although I didn't know much of the game then, but the Rams make me wanna watch the NFL and become an American football fan.

Eventhough the greatest show on turf 'Rams' didn't finish pretty. They gave me lessons in life. Back when I started to be rams nation, I always thought the Rams was going to win every game. And if they lost. they're gonna win next game. Now that I realize that things may not be what I expected, so now I kinda root for the Rams with lesser expectations.

I want them to win, but it's alright to lose though. So there's nothing serious about them now. All I can do is have fun with the game and hopefully, try to learn and see some of the gameplans that I believe attract me to this game, it is a true beauty of this sport. American football is absolutely, the most intelligence-minded sports.

tonight, 12 am, I'm gonna have fun watching the Rams vs. the Giants. Go Rams! baby!

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