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"Post" -- NFL

As NFL regular season has come to an end, 12 teams is now preparing for the one-or-done contender matches, while the others 20 is kept wondering what would happen next September.

this 2006 NFL playoffs will be as exciting as it's ever been. This week, 8 teams will be playing, only four will continue to the next round with only one goal on its team's mind, Vince Lombardi Trophy. But before I get into the matchup, let's discuss the offseason talk:

My favorite team, the Rams, has a disappointing season. Bulger hurt, Martz absence and the front office diaster that eventually led to the dismissal of Mike Martz. There, it seems that the Rams are on the clean state. Nobody, even the players, knows the direction towards the next season. As fas as the rest of the league, 6 more coaches have been fired, Dick Vermeil of KC retired. So far, I'd never seem the coaches being fired as many as the 2005 campaign.

2006 regular season is coming next September, but the 2005 playoffs is here now. Therefore, regardless of the team, I have to pick one side or another because when you wake up tomorrow, either team will have to realize that their 2005 journey is over.

Let's break down the wild card playoffs:

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