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-- my playlist **| 08/02/2005

Here I pick songs I like at this moment, only one song per band. It will be expanded to 12 songs from 12 bands by the end of this month. In no particular order are...

Let me go - tonic
"I love this song, thus I have 2 favorite songs called 'Let me go' However, this one is very different from 3DD's version. It's melodic driven song, quite mellow at the beginning, but interesting twist of turn at the end. Thanks to Tonic's loud guitar trademarks, this song is wonderfully amazing!"

Everything - lifehouse
"This song makes me feel like being under spelled. Jason Wade's voice is magic, with the charming melody that's ready to be exposed. It starts with ver mellow melody and driven guitars in the end. Remember, this is a 6-minute song"

Right Here - staind
"I love the lyrics, it's emotionally personal and you can feel everything Aaron sang in this song just by one listen. Melody is amazing too, very staind-like"

Stupify - disturbed
Disturbed is one of a few metal band I listen. Their sound aren't annoying at all. In fact, it's hard-rocking with little scream, but not as melodic as my favorite bands styles. Thanks Lanna Commins for introducing me to this band.

When I'm gone - 3 doors down
"This song introduced me to 3 Doors Down 3 years ago with haunting video and exploded chorus that was heavy to me then. It's been years listening to this song thousand times but I still never get tired of it."

Remedy - seether
I like the BEEP at the start. This song is very short, but sounds complicately interesting. there's a scream at the ending too.

Wake me up when september ends - green day
I hate the video this song, but its lyrics that makes me into tears.

Be Yourself - audioslave
"'be yourself is all that you can do'--that's why I like this song"

Best of You - foo fighters

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It's so song story. Im too lazy to read it -*-

โดย: Lucky_Girl IP: วันที่: 25 สิงหาคม 2548 เวลา:23:11:42 น.  

sorry, I type it incorrect it should be "long story"

โดย: Lucky_Girl IP: วันที่: 25 สิงหาคม 2548 เวลา:23:12:56 น.  

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