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ธันวาคม 2548
7 ธันวาคม 2548
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I'm feel quite settle now with all those things regarding my situation. Everyday it's like a normal day that as easiest as it can be. However, the last few days I've realize:

1. I am an ultimate internet addict.
2. I am as always a big football fan, but probably am not quite as bigwhen your favorite team is 5-7 and look desperately damaged.
3. I like pop music, as long as it's not from these certain artist: Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan.
4. I'm not that such a hard rock fan, Only an ordinary rock music listener. Whether it's power ballad or metal, I can take it all.
5. For the first time since High School, I'm not so stressed with the study. Even the anticipation for the last semister is definately in a high standard.
6. Pop music ain't chessy if you carefully make your seliection.
7. Getting accepted to the U is kinda fluke for me. I do have potential, but necessary need numerous improvement.
8. I need to get meditated.
9. I should had play Fantasy Football.
10. Getting yourself to study is easty when you manage to get yourself motivated.
11. Exercise, fast! now!
12. I can't believe I am addicted to the Mexican Telenovela "Cuando Seas Mia".
13. I don't like Love story, it's 1000 times better reading football stuff.
14. Thai soap is pointless, while Mexican soap makes more senses.
15. Getting to read books about Thai house reminds me why I want to be an architect.
16. Getting your fortune told may be the best thing for lots of overcautious suspicious teenager.
17. Guess I have nothing more to say. What I have to do is taking it one day at a time, and not taking anything for granted.

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