I create happiness in my life...I realise I have this enormous power to make each of my moments happy and loving and to make someone else happy will also allow me to experience happiness.

WHY not create some happiness for yourself?
Many of us believe that others or certain events will bring us the happiness we seek in our lives.

We wait to win the lottery... meet the perfect romantic partner...for the holiday to come round.
But creating happiness in your life is in your own hands and you can do it right now

In this moment you can create happiness for yourself.
And the secret of happiness is to make this moment... and the next moment... happy and loving ones.
This is the incredible power we all possess.

We are immensely creative human beings.. with our thoughts and actions we create our own reality, whether it be happy or sad.
So why not choose happiness by thinking good thoughts and taking positive actions for yourself and for others.
Many times we can make ourselves happy by giving the gift of happiness to another person.

By making someone else happy, we make ourselves happy too.
What you want for yourself, give to another!!!
If it makes you happy to give something to someone then take that step now..use that power.

If it makes you happy to pamper yourself... give yourself a treat...think nice thoughts about yourself... dwell on happy memories.. think of people who love you.. then indulge yourself right now

If it makes you happy to savour the moment... smell the roses, stroke the dog, watch the children play, enjoy the strawberries, read the nice text message... then do it now.
If it makes you happy to call up a friend or relative and speak nice words or listen to the story of another, then take the opportunity now.

Whatever makes you happy in this moment, take it.
The more we do this as each of our moments go by the more our minds become accustomed to happy thinking rather than sad thinking.

We are virtually switching the television channel in our minds to the happy channel.
Every human being has the right to happiness and joy.
Of course we have!

Whoever said that life should not be happy... life should be sad... life should be a struggle? Whoever said that? And why on earth should we believe them?

Too often we align ourselves with the struggle of others... the sadness of others... the doom and gloom of those who thrive on it. We follow the patterns laid down by our parents or those who have influenced our lives.

But we can decide this is not a good way to live at all.
Happiness can be obtained in each moment. And why be happy? Because when we are happy we can be our most loving to both ourselves and others.

It makes us happy to love ourselves.. to love other people...to be loved.
Perhaps this is what makes us most happy.

So dear and special friend..spread a little happiness... create happy experiences for yourself...make your life full of joy and love

I love you

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