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Shayne Ward - Breathless

Shayne Ward :: Breathless

If our love was a fairy tale
I would charge in and rescue you
On a yacht baby we would sail
To an island where we'd say I do

And if we had babies they would look like you
It'd be so beautiful if that came true
You don't even know how very special you are

* You leave me breathless
You're everything good in my life
You leave me breathless
I still can't believe that you're mine
You just walked out of one of my dreams
So beautiful you're leaving me

And if our love was a story book
We would meet on the very first page
The last chapter would be about
How I'm thankful for the life we've made

And if we had babies they would have your eyes
I would fall deeper watching you give life
You don't even know how very special you are

[Repeat *]

You must have been sent from heaven to earth to change me
You're like an angel
The thing that I feel is stronger than love believe me
You're something special
I only hope that I'll one day deserve what you've given me
But all I can do is try
Every day of my life

[Repeat * , *]

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Good Dream ja...

โดย: สวรรค์ชั้น 8 (boynakub ) วันที่: 2 มีนาคม 2551 เวลา:2:25:58 น.  


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ชอบสไตล์เพลงคนนี้ร้องมากเลยค่ะ เรื่อยๆสบายๆ ชอบเพลง that's my glod มากเลย ซึ้งใจค่ะ

โดย: radiergummi วันที่: 10 กันยายน 2552 เวลา:19:57:15 น.  

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