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มิถุนายน 2549
6 มิถุนายน 2549
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Until The Time Is Though

Until The Time Is Though

Now and forever
Until the time is through

I can't believe it
I don't know where to start no baby
So many questions
Deep inside my heart


Give me a moment before you go
There's something you ought to know


Baby now and forever
Until the time is through
I'll be standing here
Waiting and never give up my faith in you
Trying to make it clear
Without your love I'd be half a man
Maybe one day you'll understand
Now and forever
Until the time is through

I'll be waiting...

How can I tell you so that you can see
Life has a meaning
When you are here with me
(When you are here with me, baby)



There is no one to comfort me
Here in my cold reality
I'm searching for words
What can I say to make you see?

Baby now, until time is through,
I'll be here girl (2x)


I will be here for you until
the time is through

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แวะเข้ามาฟังก่อนนอนครับ sweet dream

โดย: palm IP: วันที่: 6 มิถุนายน 2549 เวลา:2:32:43 น.  

I love this song...and thank you so much..

โดย: Ann IP: วันที่: 9 มิถุนายน 2549 เวลา:7:56:32 น.  

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