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The symbol of the Military Academy Cadet.

Prior to that country without a visa to clear the land. I sat down on the silver seal of King Rama Pddgwg which will vary according to the King of kings.

Historians assumed that the Siamese and the use of a brand Cruฑpeahs seal of the earth. Since the times of Ayutthaya. By modeling the brand from China. Based on archival in Blue Bear. The record. In the Ayutthaya period. His royal seal. The Journal does not indicate that anything is enacted. We assume that a brand is a Vishnu has Garuda Cruฑpeahs. According to the ideology that holds that King is the equivalent of Vishnu who has Garuda as a halo vehicle.

In the eyes of foreigners in the Kingdom of Thailand is considered a white elephant. White Elephant is set in the same way heraldic shield or Coat of Arms in Europe. To convey the Kingdom of Siam. The view from the ancient world map. Mentioned some of the Siamese. (See samples here) because they do not know exactly what is the seal used to mark the country of Siam.

In the reign of King Rama V. He was pleased to proclaim that. Eswk grandson was son of God Prawich central arch her family. His exchanges. The fat was Sih bravery Seal the tie for the first time in December 2416 based on a principle known as the hallmark of European Heraldry (MR Kukrit Pramoj to translate this book into a western feudal out that "Mutra science." ) is a common brand that Coat of arms or seal arm. It looks like the following.

The top middle is a glorious crown Maha Pichai. Refers to the king. Phra Maha Pichai under the new rules is the church's cross and called the royal seal Maha Chakri royal symbol, King Rama I the Great (King Rama 1) of the Chakri Dynasty. He ordered please. Built to mark the signing of the Chakri dynasty. Overall, it was meaningless. King of the Chakri dynasty.
The left and right of the Maha Pichai The rules are tiered layer 7 as a mark of monarchy, which is a tiered layer 7 is because it is tiered for use in conjunction with Dr. reject in his Eswtฉatr (CHAT 9), which a sign of the monarch s royal Aisrii. By applying such a declaration to that. Siamese territory is under the umbrella of His Majesty King Optisompar a drug works in the Royal mint.
Under the shield is divided into three rooms on the lower part is divided into 1 room 2 rooms have the following meanings.
Room above a three-headed elephant referred to above, Siam, Siam Center and Siam under the shield is yellow.
The right ventricle, a white elephant. Refers to the Lao Lan Xang kingdom. (Soon in Sri Naga Nhut), the shield is red.
The left ventricle, a dagger and dagger and the cross-country to the cities of United Malayan. The shield is pink.
The meaning of the symbols within the shield by means Kanฑsima edge of Siam at that time.
From the right tiered Cchsihs a tiered stand. The lion left a tiered stand. The Department of Defense officials Cchsihs. This is a big military. The lion stands. Interior Department officials. This is a great way for civilians. Both parties have a duty to protect and support the kingdom's throne.
The edge of the shield at the bottom surrounded by Maha Installed Nopparat Rattanaraj Waraporn mean Buddhism is derived from the insignia, the ancient sacred Dr. Rattanaraj Varaporn Nss, built in the reign of King Rama 5, Phra Maha Installed. Nopparat Rattanaraj Waraporn is an integral part of these decorations as well. He ordered please. The King and the royal family. And officials at the virtues of a great nation. The key criteria to be determined clearly. Will be the only person who is Buddhist.
Installed under the King Nopparat Rattanaraj Waraporn Military Academy is a chain with a seal. Means to maintain its species to flourish. The motto of the insignia of Grand Cross. The King Rama V was created. Inclination to reward those who act with integrity to government land. And the royal family. And son, the heir of the government. The royal line descended to his son in honor of the family. And an inclination to have descended to earth. And unity for the nation to thrive.
The bottom of the Pali incantation written on silk, with the Thai language. A message that says "We pay pretty major issue they wish and they are three simple eyes Phu Kee Wook ± ฒi for Commissioners" means "the unison of all those different categories. There is room to grow successfully, "he is the thesis of this chapter, the Supreme Patriarch (Sa Punta Cana resort Vines V) Ram temple invention upon his color. It is a reminder of the Preparatory School at a later time as well.
Other marks. Inserted in par. Yet, it is clear the pleasant regalia and 5 as a sign of God's earth is complete. Described as follows.
The top middle image is Maha Pichai crown.
On the top left corner of the shield is part of the Royal sword Khan. And the tail whip yak
On the top right corner of the shield is part of the wood Tarprakr Chaiyapruk. Wichni valve and blow.
ฉlagprabat oriented along the base of the horns of a tiered one on each side to side.
Coat of arms behind the curtain that looks like a pleated ruffle is the gold uniform.
Coat of arms of the Lord is the par round seal. There are literally on the edge of the seal inscription. "Live in the rest of King Chulalongkorn University. The God of Forgotten Land Trust. King Chulalongkorn's Siam ".

There are also other explanations. In a different manner. The above description is the first description of the King's Royal Family. The prince was Rajanupab. Care given to the Royal Spa products. He explained that this has been compiled into several expressions in different places. So we have a description of the common and most accepted.

Coat of Arms Coat of Arms is used in a manner similar to the Cruฑpeahs face today. Was discarded when it is used as the Garuda brand national brand instead. Currently, there are some agencies, such as the Forestry Department's Military Academy Cadet. The brand has a coat of arms of their own bodies. As a result, the agency that was founded in the reign of the fifth, or have a history associated with this period (such as the National Police Agency. Arm caps is enacted, which condemned it. The police system has been seriously in those days, etc.).

Grounds for changing the national brand. In addition to the above, that the reign of the fifth seal, he comments that the arm is too Western. Coat of Arms is also possible that the change would be the main cause of the loss of the kingdom of Laos, Cambodia and Malaya during the reign of God. Must be changed to fit with the brand.

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