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History of the Military Academy Cadet.

History of the Military Academy Cadet.

Royal Military Academy Cadet. Origin, along with his regiment to guard the Royal Wallop on October 1, 2411 by King Rama V. Had ascended the throne. While he has the age is 15 years his reign the country depend on Borom Maha Somdej Srisuriyawong. The regent. Evidence in writing that the Crown Prince was given. Ice Princess Knight at Lehi. Clearly shows that his position in the new Ascension is vulnerable to extremely dangerous. But by the noble genius of him. Can escape from the dangers that concern them. He held his son in the family and the younger officials. At the top of many people inside the palace, with a combined military training with the new strategy. Child soldiers and called them that. Check out the military guard. The Leica has a duty to fly it in the rice bowl and stand in a row that has been coming every morning. Chamberlain was in the beginning, there were approximately 12 people, of His Majesty the King was pleased to proclaim my love drug. Mr. Prince with God's light Panuragษi of her. The Thai Industrial B. Princess Day. I was a soldier in the guard. Check out all the old guard military รุ่นราวคราวเดียวกัน. Most of them I read.

From the fact that he feels less secure. His Majesty was graciously pleased to be established by his bodyguards and 24 servants Kgahlwgedim to watch the scene from inside the guard room, he lay there. The practice of military expertise and more then graciously pleased to stand in line to greet Her Majesty at the royal palace Chala Jordan Eng diagnosis. And later served in the parade by Her Majesty in that with a military guard Kgahlwgedim in the so-called soldiers, two dozen, later increased to 72 persons appointed as a military guard to keep him closely. As for the heart. School education along with military training as well. At that time, soldiers guard armed with modern and exquisite costumes. The old way of living. Very happy. Edcha Anthem by His Majesty. He was pleased to proclaim the royal patron, and he took a busy general surveillance. The senior officials are the stewards of the royal family and ordinary people have little currency as evidence. They are often sent their children joyfully and served as a military guard. His presence is said to be in a position Mahadlekluang atom.

Those who are younger graciously pleased to be split into a separate company. The troops are stationed. The students have military training. Check out the old guard of soldiers, some of which was to grow up and come to associate with. The young guard of soldiers like this. Traditionally, such a succession of Scottish soldiers. For example Oskants parade.

2414 will be graciously pleased to extend its troops to stand guard as a company called Trapani Trapani with up to 6 to form a guard regiment Royal Guards Wallop (Wallop was that I had no guess of the King. King).

2415 will be graciously pleased to give up teaching and procedures in place to guard regiment. As well as teaching English and Thai as well. The schools that Post cards of military servants. The students called it the deck.

In 2423 the regiment was graciously pleased to give up. (Which later evolved into the Department of Iuttnatikar), so it was not the military front deck. To another. Accelerated improvement in the military. The growth pattern is more extensive, and I was so pleased to proclaim that the King of her brother. Panu light rays Prince family. Department of Genetic Mr. Panu prince might want. Taught school for Army soldiers are based. The area behind the palace as a location Items. (Now the Department of Army) and my model of a military guard. Post cards of his face. Students map Scott and the military together. Use it as a model school for students in the deck that I have said in Calgary, Colonel Walter Parker (NICAL WALGER) as the first commander.

August 5, 2430 King Rama V made the opening ceremony of the school came to my school model.

January 14, 2431 was enacted regulations called my school to school a new model that Items Military Academy.

October 6, 2440, he was graciously pleased to be joined by the sergeant school. School was renamed. School of the Army.

November 25, 2441 the school was renamed the Army school. The ordinary people the opportunity to meet the requirements to become a cadet.

It has been an increasing interest in education was graciously pleased to give students a sergeant under the Army Corps to the original and on May 26, 2446 the school was renamed. Army Cadets.

5 years later, King Chulalongkorn and saw that the place is confined to the Army Cadet. Not enough for students to produce an increase in pace with the demands of the situation at that time. The shortage of officers is to proclaim and to Buy Land Rights Reserved. An area of ​​approximately 30 acres of construction debris cadet school. (Cadet class primary school remained at the former Military Items) finished his trip was made on December 26, 2452, the opening of school in the Government Gazette on 26 books that have been described.

... But the late afternoon. Wong supported the royal treatment. After a few senior officials, both civilian and military rank at the shirt I wear dress pants and white. Adorned the royal treatment Isra Research. The rank of the shirt dress shirt, black hat, wear your best clothes decorated with the royal treatment Isra Research. Attendance at school. His Majesty the late afternoon after 4 pm. IX Army Field Marshal. Adorned the royal treatment Isra Research. However, the ancient sacred Rattanaraj Waraporn. Royal Dusit Palace. The royal carriages. A procession led by his cavalry. Proceed through the door at the school. He has been commander of the Army School of the row.

In the cadet commander. Commander The District Court held that Wanntyawut made his bow. Instrumental band Anthem. His Majesty the King. The students had a row. The car sat on the stairs, that the royal palace to the meeting. Seal over the throne. Wong supported the royal treatment. His guard officials said the same atom. Soyuz commander of his works. Respectfully report to the school. I Kaprarachtan royal permission The school has a royal response. Has been graciously pleased to make this school has been opened. Commander of Army Schools. The award will bring him to proclaim him king. His Majesty the King graciously pleased to reward soldiers. The subjects were students who sit in this cadet. According to royal tradition ever previously Once you're done. Proceed with the study supports his blog. The senior officials stamp table, snack Then there's free parking for those attending the meeting on this topic.

After growing up. His Majesty the King presides over the royal carriages. Fry the rest of the school grounds around it. Then he sat at the royal car to watch commander. The cadet told her meeting with King atom. Head of St. John's students respectfully presented his loyalty ใต้ฝ่าละอองธุลีพระบาท. And a memorial to King on behalf of all students. Then they yell at him in a royal Chaimongkol 3 answers. Then proceed to Suan Dusit Palace. All students are often run by the royal car Esegแse acclaim. Congratulations on the opportunity to watch him in his atom to the trip all the way ...

In 2461 King Rama VI. He's given me medicine to support consciousness. The Army Cadet song.

Cadet Cadet class primary and secondary school. Has been doing well. The national economic downturn. Ministry of Defence is to include both of these cadet with the Army's Cadet. Under the supervision of the Department of Military Strategic Studies.

March 26, 2471 King Rama VII. King Island has come to the Army cadet who graduated top first and then onwards. His Majesty the King. He was graciously pleased to proclaim that the Town of cadets graduate each year up to a few.

In 2477 the school has appointed Nick times against Army in the Strategic Studies Department of the Army. To produce some of these officers are those technical lines.

In the period December 2, 2485 to January 14, 2487 have produced the first female cadet version of 28 people and has a single generation.

In the period April 14, 2485 to December 2487 have been produced to back up the Army Cadet courses version, and the third time since April 30, 2493 to 2499 and version 6 and version 9.

In Asia, Burapha war period. Our country has entered into friendly relations with the Japanese on December 21, 2484 In the year 2486 an Allied air raid in the definition of hard. The government has a plan to move the capital to stay at the new location in London until January 10, 2487 Mon cadet programs and all of them. Set out to take the train from Bangkok Railway Station Rd. Get off at the train station, Phichit Tapanhin then walk a further 112 km into the village, ANC deciduous Muang City opened not long enough to teach cadets in early 2488 has been moved. in. Ayutthaya. The war in September 2488 Cadet to be back at the original

In 2489 the Department of Defense has taken to improve the course of a cadet. The 5-year course of study as a model of the U.S. Military Academy Cadet.

In 2491 His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. His Majesty was graciously pleased to proclaim the name of a former cadet said. Royal Military Academy Cadet.

February 24, 2497 Act requires a grade graduates from the Military Academy Cadet. The academic standing of Science. A letter, that the Bachelor. (Tb.).

The cadet at the Military Academy All Rights Reserved. In crowded conditions. With an increasing number of cadets. What training, education, sport and recreation is not enough. The environment for the country as a cadet. The note to the King. He has the initiative to the Military Academy Cadet. The new location at Muang Khao Cha-Type. Cadet has done ground-breaking ceremony on August 5, 2524 by His Majesty the King and Air Force women. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. With alumni. Have united to walk away from the Military Academy Cadet. The original location to a new The Air Force Female Chakri Sirindhorn HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's. He is the President of the troops to a new

August 5, 2529 His Majesty the King. And Air Force Female Chakri Sirindhorn and HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and Her Majesty's Royal Military Academy Cadet opened.

Thanks to information from the Department cadet Guards.

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