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Air symbolizes the Royal Thai Air Force Academy . Royal Thai Air Force.

The nature of the mark.

Armstrong is the tricolor flag is in the east. Decorate wings spread wide and 2 above gold under Aunaolm silver and the Mhamgkuฎ radius of gold (wing pilot, 1st floor) over a 5-pointed silver color with a bouquet of Chaiyapruk gold, all packaged in a blue circle beneath circle is the end. Flick down to the second point of the central yellow stripe with the words "Air Academy" blue-black.

The meaning of the images and colors.

- Class 1 pilot wings as a pilot directory. Show Nna. Which has a commissioned officer. The pilot of the pipe. To go.

- The five-pointed silver represent honor. Nna. All strive to have the desire to get advanced to the general air

- Bouquet of golden leaves Chaiyapruk represents a breakthrough in the study of Nna. In order to get to a military commission.

- The blue circle and the end point of the flick, yellow, blue - yellow is the color for Bsa.

Thanks to a good school, visit the Naval Air. //

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