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Royal Thai Air Force history.

The first flight.
Lotus pond at the racecourse.

Chief of Staff
The trial was over.
The military said the three studies.
Aeronautics in France.
Certificate of Education.

Teachers and students to fly the model.

New items in the top flight.

Flight out.

Army Flying Corps.

Department of Aviation.
Don was in 2457.

His Majesty King Rama 6 Bangkok International Airport.

To fly to the airport.
Progenitor, the Air Force.
2457 Uniform Act.

To change the uniforms.
From green to gray.
The rank insignia.
The Air Force.
The Air Force today.

History of the Air Force.
Flight operations in Thailand. Began in the reign of King Mongkut proclaim It was on February 6, 2454 Mr. Charles Van Eden Bourne (Charles Van Den Born) Belgians have taken flight Andre Marie Farr, perhaps 4 (Henry Farman IV. ), 2-storey wing aircraft on display for the first time in Thailand. Lotus pond at the racecourse. (Royal Bangkok Sports Club), while the developing countries, the French aerospace Field Marshal HRH The Princess Royal family, she might want Chirasit history. Krom Luang Nakornchisri exact Det. Ministry of Defence and Royal Field Marshal Lord Chancellor King's family. Prince Chakrabongse Phuwadee in the car. I stare in the Department of Civil Service Pitsanu world. Chief of Staff He thought it was important. And the need for the country. The aircraft must have the same defense in the Department of Defense has established a business idea is a division of Army aircraft. The military has recruited three people to study at France's aeronautics.
1. Major weapons of love Sal (Sunee Light Project).
2. The captain of the Royal Arms are reading it (I did Sinn b).
3. Lieutenant Thip note issue.

While these three officers are studying aeronautics at the French. Ministry of Defence has ordered from France. The flight out of the aircraft wing, second floor, with 3 new items to the list of one wing of the fourth and Poebs Divided (The moist forgiven Wong) is a private donation. Aircraft in the Salon to the Ministry of Defence as well as 8 to 1, both of these aircraft, military aircraft and three people who were held in France. Then sent to Thailand. That officer. The first three pilots in Thailand.

The establishment of the aviation department.
After the three officers who graduated and returned to Thailand on November 2, 2456 The Defense Department has established a "flight department" established in December of 2456 to be in command of the generals. God's family want her. The Lord Buddha Chaiya tiered organization. Department of Army Inspector Yothin Supreme Khun Petch wall mechanics in the aviation and military affairs at the beginning of the 3 people that are the foundation of business aviation in terms of the formation of the flight training. And technical. The later has been hailed as "the parent of the Air Force."

Located at Airport Rd. The first test flight at the airport, water lily pond on 29 December 2456, Mr. Prince's Gen. Panu prince Department Inspector might want to study families of Army and Navy Inspector General, and Mr. King Borom. her family. Prince Chakrabongse Phuwadee in the car. I stare Department Pitsanu world.
In Civil Service Chief of Staff His presence has been visited by Department officials said. And civilians, as well as people. Visit a lot.

Fly to the Department of the Army Flying Corps as an airport. The growth of business aviation in Thailand. The racecourse is a lotus pond next to the airport because it is not easy and is confined to the valley. The move to the airport at Don Muang district. The inland water does not flood. Both are very far from the city. You can set up a permanent airport in flight throughout the year, so in early 2457 the Ministry of Defence. It has instructed the Department of the Army Ekiikkai. The construction and property such as houses, hangars, airport and etc. on the construction of hangars and the airport are already successful. Ekiikkai Department of the Army. It gave the place to celebrate the Lord Lieutenant of air. The new facility is located in the Department of Aviation. Aviation Division and moved to the Don Muang district. From 1 March 2457 has been completed on 17 March 2457 and started operations since the meantime.
New Year's Day, the government changed from April 1 to January 1, 2484, the year 2483 is only 9 months from April 1 until December 31, 2483 the Ministry. of Defense. An order dated 27 March 2457 to establish an aviation department. "Military Wing" and the third one is the military commander Fleet. And Deputy Commander of the Fleet.
1. Lieutenant Colonel of the Air celebration. The Wing Commander.
2. Mr. Major's reading of the weapon. As Assistant Wing Commander.
3. Captain soaring royal massacre As Assistant Wing Commander.

The Army Flying Corps.
(27 March 2457-18 March 2461).

Ministry of Defense

Chief of Staff

Inspector engineer

Army Flying Corps.

Wing flight school facility.

King Rama VI. Visited the business aviation airport.
On 2 December 2459 King Rama VI. Visit the Royal Army Flying Corps. The parade saw the air. Fried Neck of the plant. And flight schools. Must eat the cuisine for lunch and then went to the residence hall has come to Bangkok to train before the train came to a royal residence. He is the king's royal command to Lieutenant General Lord want her family. The Lord Buddha Chaiya tiered organization. Khun Petch walls of the military's Supreme Yothin Inspector General will be following him.
"Today I have seen. The activities of the Fleet has performed very well. Of this world he was. A very difficult one. Thai people, but they come out real well be true. Without relying on others. I get satisfaction and thanks. Since the lowest floor shall have the authority to take over each other. "

Army Flying Corps participated in the contest of the 2459 strategy.
In the year between the end of February 2459. To early March. The Army Flying Corps. Joined showdown strategy with military families, she said Gen. King White. Prince Krom Luang Chakkraphong Phuwadee in the car.
Pitsanu the public gaze in the car. Chief of Staff He was director of strategy in this tournament.

Governor of the World War 1.
In August 2457 the Central Powers during World War 1, Germany, Austria-Hungary is one of the partners, Britain, France, Belarus Moscow, one of the early stages of the war. His Majesty King Rama VI on royal policy towards the year 2460, when he realized that. In order to maintain neutrality until the war. I do not have any effect. He has his wish to join the war with Thailand. It is important to the international community as equal Eventually, after a consideration of the benefits that Thailand will receive. He has been studying the situation closely. He declared war on the Central Powers on 22 July 2460 and has volunteered to send troops. The government at war with the allies in Europe. Volunteer Regiment of the Army Flying Corps and Army ground troops, about 1250 cars have the budget for the Colonel. As a volunteer military force, and Mr. Major soaring species (nectar note issue) is a Wing Commander. The troops, especially the Army Flying Corps, about 400 people, a fraction of which the war ended on November 11, 2461, as the powers to be surrendered to the Allies. And they signed a truce. After the war returned to Bangkok, the Thai government has ordered a new type to include a new access to the West ward and in Salon, 24 total, not less than 15 is a solid foundation of the Air Force.

The Department of the Army aircraft.
Defense Ministry's order, dated March 19, 2461 to promote the Army Flying Corps. "Department of the Army Aviation", and the Department of Army aircraft. Organization is.
1. Army Flying Corps.
2. School of Army Aviation.
3. Facility of the Department of Army aircraft.

Renaming the Department of the Army Aviation aircraft.
Due to Department of Defense considers. Air power is not only a military strategy. However, there is widespread interest in other businesses such as commercial aviation and aerospace, transportation, etc. The name of the Army. It is not appropriate. And does not meet the established goals. The Department of Defense issued an order dated 1 December 2464 to resolve the name "Department of the Army Aviation" and "Wing of the Army" A "of aviation" and "Big Wing".

Build up their own aircraft.
Since the department has set up until the flight has been raised as an Army Flying Corps was established as a Lieutenant Colonel of the Air celebration. Wing Commander. Considers that Thai Army Flying Corps aircraft are only 8 unit. Operating and flight training every day, every day would be ruined, and difficult to repair. The supply of spare parts. Tools and other equipment to find in Thailand. It has been built and experimental aircraft built themselves several times a day on 24 May 2458 Lieutenant Colonel of the Air celebration.
Force the Army Flying Corps. Experiments were performed in a biplane flying machine Salon. The factory of the Army Flying Corps. Establish the correct proportion. The fuselage of the aircraft with a variety of wood. And materials in the country has been achieved.
In 2465 an aircraft with 2 (15 square meters in the top of the page).
2466 to build aircraft at 3 (a flop).
In 2467 the aircraft at the 4 (in the top of the page de la e).
The 2470 design and build a bomber aircraft, the Type 2 Bripatr. The first was designed and built by the Thai people. This model has built up a lot. The flight to India. And neighboring countries to develop friendly relations.
The 2472 design and build aircraft that 5 (Prajadhipok).
After the administration of the aircraft. As the Department of the Air Force. And Air Force respectively. They are built as follows.
2479 to attack / patrol at 1 (neck Marseille v 93) of 29 machines.
In 2480 an attack / patrol at 1, 2, and a total of 25 aircraft with 10 first batch of 25 machines.
In 2482 an aircraft and another 25 to 10, version 2.
2515 to 0.4 Chandra weaving trainer for 12 machines.
0.5 2517, prototypes of a textile machine.
Copyright 2525 aircraft and a flight training at 18 / F (my trainer) from the Rhine to Fulton Road bound the Federal Republic of Germany. Generate approximately 25 machines.

Air travel abroad.
Flight to French Indochina in the 1.
On 22 October 2465 The government has given out four aircraft to flight flying visit to French Indochina. Consideration by the government of that country sent a plane to visit Thailand. Since July 22, 2464, and is represented in the wreath and the inscription for the monument, a memorial to the French soldiers who died in World War 1 at the airport in Haiphong - Nakhon Ratchasima - Et - Nakhon Phanom -. South Windsor - Hanoi

Flight to French Indochina in the two countries.
On December 31, 2473, the Department of Defence has ordered three aircraft and aircraft Bripatr a return visit and the letter of the Thai government to deliver to the Government of French Indochina in Hanoi as a Lieutenant General Phraya Chalerm. air Director of Aviation. As a control, travel route, airport - Nakhon Ratchasima - Et - Nakhon Phanom - Vincent House - Hanoi

Flight to India
On 23 November 2472 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the letter of invitation to the Ministry of Defence, Government of India. We invite the Government of His Majesty King Prajadhipok. Send military aircraft to visit India as the government. Ministry of Defence accepted the invitation. The Department shall send the aircraft, aircraft engine, the aircraft factory Bripatr 3 Department of own aircraft design. Travel to India on 22 December 2472, but the plane of the Director of Transport (Mr. Royal Enrmitr Lieutenant.
Royal Castle), the accident must be in the jungle province of Uthai Thani. The two planes must fly back to news. Ministry of Defence has sent a plane to New Bripatr 2 on 24 December 2472 the route. Bangkok - Yangon - Up and coming - Kolkata Calcutta - Al Doha and Ahmedabad - Delhi. To Delhi. India on 1 January 2472 and returned to Thailand in Bangkok on 10 January 2472 to January 23, 2472.

Enhancing the Department of the Army Air Force.
On 9 April 2480 the Ministry of Defence Regiment was raised as an Air Force report to the Minister of Defense.
On April 27, 2480 has been graciously pleased to give the group captain
The Medical Expert Ragsฤษฎs (Maha Muni Santna), Director of the Air Force Commander Air Chief Air Force commander of the art and potential brand quality (loyal and her cotton), Deputy Director of Air Force Vice Chief of the Air Force. The group captain Please check with the war. Air Force Chief of Staff of the Air Command and Staff.

Air Force combat operations.
French Indo-China dispute.
Air combat operations in French Indo-China dispute. Air Force combat operations. The fighting in the air. Targets of attacks by sea and land battle to recover the outstanding reputation of the Air Force. The Air Force received the Royal Medal Duษฎimala needle three brave officers and will be received. Mr. Trump 24 dollars.

Burapha war in Asia.
In the morning of 8 December 2484 Japanese troops invaded the country with military force. Especially on the east side. Aircraft modernization of Japan. (Aircraft in this attack) attack Watthana Nakhon Airport. Division I and other airport buildings were damaged. And the other one is. At the 5th Fleet Province. Many Japanese soldiers seized. Fleet 5, but he was too little air, and soldiers who were about 120 people in the command of the wing commander Mom Luang wa s the gateway has stood firm and seriously injured four people, the rest stood firm until the cease-fire ordered by the government.

The Korean War.
On 22 September 2493, there has been graciously pleased to send troops to join the war against the United Nations. In the case of the Korean War. The Army has established a special opportunity to participate in this war is that there are 3 units.
1. The Department of the Air Force. The Garrison.
United Nations practice. Since that first mission on 22 October 2493 set up on 2514.
2. The Air Force Hospital. Since that first mission on December 26.
In 2493 the series of 29 on 2517.
3. The air transport. The first mission since 2494 when it was set up on 24 July 2519.

The Vietnam War.
On 21 July 2507 the Cabinet had approved the principle of military assistance to the Government of the Republic of Vietnam. Approved the Air Force sent pilots and staff of 17 people operating in the Republic of Vietnam. In a departure from the country on 29 September 2507, this series is called flying unit. "The flight Wiktarie" (Victory) to fly the aircraft B.l. 2 (C-47) in conjunction with the 413th Fighter Squadron at 33 Wing Air Force Republic of Vietnam, the Cabinet passed a resolution on May 3 Close. 0.2507 for the Air Force pilots and flight officers to the unit Wiktarie. Aircraft to fly with B.l. 4 (C-123) on 29 July 2509, by operating with a fleet of tactical transport air 19 of the United States Air Force. And air transport aircraft operating in conjunction with the 19th Tactical Air Force, the United States. And operated through a series of seven have returned to Thailand on 15 December 2514 In addition to operating in the various wars of the foregoing. The Air Force also sent pilots to the air operations in Laos and Cambodia during the reign of communism would spread to the general IT uses two countries.

Assistance from abroad.
Since the Thai government has decided to send troops to Korea. To join the UN force. U.S. request for military assistance to the Thai government. In September 2493 the Advisory Board to assist the U.S. military, the first consisting of Col. Mack, less the head of the Army Chief of Naval N.t. Fay and N.a. Beach. Rock Air Force chief. Came to Thailand on 17 October 2493 with the signing of the Agreement. With assistance. Military of the United States to Thailand by Prime Minister Field Marshal Pibulsonggram Ambassador to the United States. American Ambassador at that time. And Thailand has been military assistance from the United States. By the model were number one for the Air Force as flight training at 11 (T-33) aircraft at 16 (F-84G), and aircraft at 17 (F-86F) etc.. The Air Force also received assistance from friendly countries to study and practice. Several projects such as the Naval Academy in the air. Air Command and Staff College. Command and Staff College and the nations of the United States. Japan In Australia. Federal Republic of Germany, England, Republic of Korea. In New Zealand. Indonesia France Malaysia The Philippines. And India.

The relocation of Headquarters Air Force.
Year 2517, the government is required to use the area west of the airport. To develop an international airport. Air Command was moved to its new location on the east of the airport and at the completion of all units on 22 March 2526.

Air Force Memorial.
Monument of the Air Force was built around 2460 BC - 2463 BC, but the first was built not to be named officially known as the "Monument to the pilot" until the year 2491 the Air Force. addition to the headquarters building. The fabric. Someone monument which was built originally as a small and beautiful to look at. You may not be in place. What kind of honor. The Air Force has assigned the Department of Civil Engineering. Contact the Department of Civil Government. Determining the appropriate action. By the way, do not destroy the monument was dismantled. The monument was built of bricks and covered platform was filled into the monument base height from the ground to about 1 meter wide by approximately 2 m into the concrete stairs on the way - into the four areas named. "Monument of the Air Force," later in the year 2526 the Air Force has moved its headquarters Air Force. From the western to the eastern side of the airport. Which is currently in construction. Signature of the new Air Force. The Air Force assigned to build the monument. In front of the headquarters. And is scheduled to Thursday, 24 March 2526 as the bones of the original monument. Are contained in the new monument. And Sunday, 27 March 2526, the Air Force Memorial Day. In addition to the opening ceremony of the new Air Command. There was more packed with bones.

The creation of the monument and the monument, parent of the Air Force.
In the year 2456, as Field Marshal HRH Princess Maha Wong Thong Nai Pan Chakkraphong in the car. I stare in the Department of Civil Service in the 2456 world Pitsanu he has the intention to establish a department for takeoff. And he maintains that promote growth in the aviation business in the past. The Air Force has created the monument is a statue sculpture. He stood a statue in front of the Department of Civil Aviation. (Airports Authority of Thailand) and a statue of the half. Pl.a.t. Phraya Chalerm air. Arts and craft the right N.a. Ewhas prince. These three species are soaring N.a. prince who laid the foundation and growth of the aviation business in Thailand. In particular, the Air Force. Enshrined at Air Force at the stadium on the east side of the monument and the monument was inaugurated on 27 March 2500 Later in the year 2526 the monument was donated to the Airports Authority of Thailand. The Air Force has created. "The Monument to Field Marshal HRH King's family. Prince Pongsak Phuwadee Church in the car. I stare in the Department of Public Pitsanu world car "in which people respect, admire his honor as a military air. "Father of Royal Thai Air Force," enshrined in the Air Force Headquarters. And the monument of the progenitor, and 3, which was originally enshrined in the Air Force Gymnasium in the east. (Chan Sport model's study) that the "parent of the Air Force," Naval Academy is currently enshrined in the air.

King Monument to HRH the Prince of the kingdom to Mother.
HRH Prince of the kingdom to the mother. He has his contribution Aenkonants. He had observed. Royal is a little big. Industry with the persistence thing regularly. The civil authority over all the people out of misery. He established a clinic volunteer. The medical and health assistance to people in the wilderness. The Air Force has provided air support for the law practice of medical volunteers from the beginning, and to remember the grace and mercy you are great. The Air Force is united to the King Monument to HRH Prince of the kingdom to Mother. Casting a bronze statue at the front of the statue, and summoned the commander of the Air Force. His Majesty the King. He was pleased to proclaim that the King's crown prince. Instead, he graciously consented. He opened the King Monument. HRH Prince of the kingdom to the mother. On Thursday, November 21, 2539.

The Air Force today.
The Air Force has the mission to organize the Ministry of Defence Act, 2503 that "the Air Force is responsible for preparing the Air Force. And shall protect the Kingdom's. The commander of Air Force commanders are responsible. "
The Air Force has the Air Force official. Shall be the duty of government agencies and the Air Force. The Supreme Command Headquarters Ministry of Defence, 2538 by a group of agencies under an obligation to make it easier to carry out in 5 sections.

1. The commander is responsible for administrative supervision of various government agencies.
Officials and employees. And follow the mission of the Air Force and its mission.
Other government agencies have not assigned any particular commander of the Air Force. The responsibility of supervisors.
- Office of the Secretary of the Air Force (
- Skip the air (Sb.ta.).
- Department of Air Force personnel (Kp.ta.).
- Department of the Air Force News (Kw.ta.).
- Department of Air Force operations (Ik.ta.).
- Department of the Air Force logistics (Kb.ta.).
- Office of the Secretary of the Air Force account (Spch.ta.).
- Department of the Air Force Inspector (Hr.ta.).
- Air Force Office of Information Technology (St.ta.).

2. The force of Strategic Air Command. Are responsible for the air force and ground control systems operating air Strategic Air Command. To comply with the Air Force. The commander of Strategic Air Command. The supervisor is responsible. Organization is.
- Headquarters.
- Aviation Division at 1 (Pl.b. 1).
- Aviation Division 2 (Pl.b. 2).
- Aviation Division 3 (Pl.b. 3).
- Aviation Division 4 (Pl.b. 4).
- Control of Air Operations (Cpa.).
- The commander of the Air Yothin (FDA).
- School of Aviation (Flight Rr.).

And 3. The strategic support services, including the headquarters of the Air Force. Responsibility for all logistics required by the Air Force. The commander of the Air Force support. The supervisor is responsible. Organization is.
- Headquarters.
Centre - Categories (Skb.).
- The technical (Cha.).
- Department of the Air Force Communications (S.ta.).
- Ordnance Department of the Air Force (Sp.ta.).
- Department of the Air Force Electronic (At.ta.).
- The air patrol (Lwa.).
- Medical Department of the Air Force (Pa.).
- Department of Logistics, Air Force (Pt.ta.).
- The range of civil, military, air (Chi.ta.).
- The Military Air Transport (Ks.ta.).

4. Part of the Air Education Training Command. Have a duty to perform. Learn about the training of personnel of the Air Force as it is.
The Air Force. The commander of Air Education Training Command. The supervisor is responsible. Organization is.
- Headquarters.
- Department of Strategic Air Command (Is.ta.).
- Air Force Institute for Advanced Research (Sas.).
- Air Academy (

To the public.
Ministry of Agriculture.

The Supreme Command Headquarters

And the environment.

And help people.

Brief History.

Considers that

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