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I punched the air cadet.

he Royal Thai Air Force Academy are well known.


Distance between the center of Center Point Siam with many teens spent the rest of the evening on Friday. (And probably will do the rest, but I use it) I walk up sour Software, Inc. .. I think there are more vivid than ever before.
In the meantime, if you walk along the road outside the bus. Teenage boys may be seen around us. But dressed in uniform. Stand up straight like a neat row of the years.
There is no doubt in the strict sense of the student soldiers are like my I-mono eh?
I do! Teen Society Issue satisfy this thirst for their own curiosity. In addition, if you read this column to the end. Many people believe it .. (probably) never wanted to know. Will be impressed with the word "ideology" and "bold" the students are on the fence (gray) of the group, of course.

The Naval Academy are well known.
The school discipline. Teach leadership skills to all students. Apart from studying the same general tertiary education. But are subject to the military. General aeronautics. If we end up. Here are two of my degree. Is the science. And Engineering. Divided into six branches of Engineering Science 2, although it's not a real flight training. Everyone will be taught the basics about flying here. All students have five years before we have to go to school together, these four students finished his 2-year Preparatory Course at the Naval Academy last year, is 1-5 overall for the last 5 years (too long .. . but it's worth.)


Apart from the academic year?

There are many activities. Here are some good clubs. The first and most come with the main purpose is to tie relations between each of these student athletes were back to racing, but some universities do have a lot of great friends. Some went out to clubs and social development. The work to develop a school camp. Most clubs are willing to go. A fixed member. The club has often been shown to play Fancy Drill gun with a weapon at the Beach Music. A sword. World Children's Day Events at the end of the parade was Wallop. We just need to send a battalion, he joined the air cadet. And especially this year, the Air Force hosted the show before. Will have every year but this year the Naval Academy for the event. The atmosphere is sports related, but are not cadets. Military and police only. This year the ceremony will be held at Thammasat University (Rangsit Campus) since July 4, 2546 onwards. If anyone is interested, but to encourage the leak of these handsome ... (Liaison Air Naval Academy leave that job to open a large and very beautiful).

How to be a Nna.
4 m is required to complete before it the following year, a new education system will have three years Preparatory School Moo 4, then took a job application. The examination in five subjects like Franz Client is a new mathematics, physics, chemistry, English, biology, and there is no difference.

Number of each year.
Average year, 100 people have been over 18,000 views now have a single cent. In addition to pass the 5 subjects in the first round then. To the second round as well. Physical Education is swimming, running and pushing the city to pull up my shirt, and a final interview was with the body. The physical examination and up to 160 cm high.

Then the goal is to do something different.
A pilot school, we will have two parts. The main part of the pilots of the Air Force will accept only direct air cadet. We will have to go to another airline as a pilot with an annual fall of about 10-15 people, the rest would be split according to the various departments of the subjects studied.


Of information that many people may already know, but from now on will have access to the school that many people will be amazed.
In certain systems, but the younger generation.
Here we have a military school. We will be training with the cadet chain of command for grade 5 students will act as a parent is to control and discipline the younger generation to practice the discipline of the school. That is clear is that traditionally the younger generation but I have to respect it as a regular cleaning of the military already. We simulate the real life of a soldier here. Rank as the model year. In a line of soldiers who must have a row. Is that we will have people queuing to control the order of a year than in all of us. But if it's a good crowd in the school must have got out of line at all times.

To repair it.
He called me to improve discipline. The one I usually see a little harder. Based learning and training is one year senior to a minimum. It is only those who comply with the order. We train just as the first. It would be a good leader for them. Must be met before the second year we started to pay out more. Give some ideas. Discipline is one of the year is actually lower than the senior class, we will take care of it with a layer 5 to layer under the direct supervision. It is a position of superior students. For example, a battalion chief is a battalion. Squadron Leader. The battalion will have that. Some of them are in the category of two battalions, one squadron and so on. Which is a division chief. Head of Division is directly responsible for this division is responsible for the two companies would then be a troop leader for division. Suppose there are two sections to take care of the two categories. I have another one battalion chief.


Even higher. Will have more rights?

There is clearly a matter for the other five shorts in blue. But the 5th floor is white with a trainer if you fold your arms and hat, this is a level 4 and 5, the third is long, but the hat, but the layer 2 and 1, it will be long but the hat is. Fiber is also a road like Hmwkehlek we learn more. "The road for us Holy Hill," which was only 5 for the other classes have no right to walk around the building, although there was a detour.

Authorization to the younger generation.
The senior will be defined. The younger generation is behaving properly. It is divided into two parts together first. Period 2. The proper behavior is to get it right the first such move in the first class will be run alone. What it does not match up. (For example, I turn) must be kicking around the scene before the parade to show that it is not mandatory. Or order in any way. It implies a responsibility for themselves. That you will respect my own. It is not necessary to have a look. The supervisor is not there. If you are honest with themselves. I was honest with the nation. We say that the glory (the I-mono argue that while the team was to consult their superiors, even if you do not look or turn away, we saw the other students were respectful of the dignity of their own to be honest. In compliance with the rules).

What are the rules, then it makes sense that I do not I?
The first layer may have this feeling. It is at this point (level 5) the time comes to talk, it would be hilarious jokes and it was a year ago and some things we just do not understand why. But we are five years we will know we are not the why. All actions are reasonable. As a child I have another point of view. It is like walking across the street for it. As a child I do not understand. Why adults need to be careful that we are so well enough to know what to do, but he is confident adults. I see a child crossing the road. I have to remind the same. Because he is concerned. It indicates that it will not grow. Wu said that I do it for nothing. It is not reasonable.


A sedentary lifestyle.
At school on Monday - Fri Cold back home Friday. Second, I will go back to school and the Sunday General time they will make up at all. That was due to If slow, it will be directed. It assumes that people are not punctual. I had to go home. If I had died and 24 hours of course, but it was not that. But it's been embedded in more

That the other party from head to toe.
All 13 machines have a certain set of non-private. Wallop, such as the royal title. Guards dress uniform. These kits take the oath in front of his word Chai Chalermpol. The ceremonial parade was called Wallop. Is that if you use it to withdraw the application. This series is about him. Most of it is to us. This bag has 3 leaves. 1 study of a book bag to school. Bags, bags, James Bond is back home flight bag (bag) out of a book or clothes to take to solve. As I was not really right for each year of the class need not be a very short time. However, one must practice quite heavy. If we must be concerned to see Daniel Moore clean, it can be time consuming. As a rule, is not there. But if you train hard, leave it longer, it would be detrimental to the flavor (not proven).

Top right: Nna. Cancer and splendor of Robert (Mac) to Year 4 Engineering.
Bottom left: Nna. Aisr Watchara extensive song (title), and mechanical engineering Piืie 5.
Bottom right: Nna. Secretary General mango drinks (Bambs) at 5 years of aircraft engineering.

The most stringent regulations.
This is senior-friendly is that I have to respect it. Need to honor it. To feel it. I need to provide the care. And honor me with. If I do not have to teach me. What matters is the emotion out of you is not here, of course. Many are there because it was taught to call penalties on themselves. The meat must not be allowed to kick or punch, and here it is in the eating, we will have a desk. If there was a problem that I was sitting. It does not fit my desk, and 5 will get to it I am going to eat at the club. Because I have been eating there. What are my senior, but the fact is they have shown to me by a senior. Rice is the one we get 5 people to sit together, sometimes it may be very slow. This is what works. I had to sacrifice her. That same tradition. If I do not have rice to eat. Most senior, it may not be reviewed. I would imagine that the club has to eat. However, some people simply have no money.

That eat it. I ask them to match the rules with me?
If the water does not reach the regulations will be relaxed, but still have time to eat by year. The food we eat together, but it will be different for the Process class has a way of eating is to eat a scene (it is a mobile food scoop. The right angles to the first unit to transport food into the mouth), it is time to sit down one-third of the seats. The cushion is divided into three parts. I was sitting one section. I work off his feet. The higher you get up. The third year I did not need a foot rest. But I think it depends on the individual as well. It's good practice to have a fast (ฮa. ...) fifth floor will be comfortable. I have a chair, legs spread.
[flys4.jpg] [flys5.jpg]

Right: Nna. Hakrpants The One (I) 2-year industrial engineering.
Left: Nna. Taywin know the (cartoon), and three years of civil engineering.

Can not live without the girl's boarding school students?
It's just so sad. That's it. Within the meaning of all of us Is not it the other day I was a woman, I said that every time they ship. I want to be a great mother of the family. I will pick a little. Maybe it's just awkward. Occasionally, some women come to understand it first .... Some women do not have to wait for her but ...

Ties of the sweat and tears.
Dress handbag has been completed. Take them to school. It's time to go home. Naiewr cycling back. Outside the event that is not normal. For the safety of students, the air craft. Let's go back to school. Then the singing of "milk" from this event, everyone knows about the patient. And nothing, of course. Training disappointment. Which will affect all of us without knowing it. It is absorbed into their preparation. And able to face any situation. First, it was very homesick, but we all have friends over because it's helping with their sweat and tears go together.
Nna. He moves well, Chet (Chet) and the 3rd head of the computer.

Air cadet life.

5:30 pm, the alarm automatically (from the sound, but could), and exercise.
6:00 am to shower, dress and personal mission schedule.
Clean the area of ​​responsibility.
7:10 pm, march to breakfast at the cafeteria.
8:00 am to noon, respect the flag after it began.
12:00 to 13:00 am for lunch. Then came the study.
13:00 to 14:00 at the school.

- - - - - - Missions each day - - - - - -.

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