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Hub is the Royal Thai Navy cadet.

The hub class cadet.

The collar of the cadet. Indicating the year of study. Decorated with white cloth on the roll, roll a 2, is meant to prepare the flowers to bloom before the Du enough to have a similar size with a round knob. Hub of the cadet class. It is along with sailors from past to present. Navy is using a rope.
Expertly Whether the knot tied the knot or woven on the different meanings attributed to the hub, then it means. Cadet

Hub is the third anchor.

Three anchor pin.

Three needles, a small anchor, 3 silver metal arranged in a circle. Diameter, 2.5 cm in the middle of a circle of small 3-cycle with metal gold. 1.7 cm in diameter on the blue enamel. Over the cycle, with the King. The crown is made of metal, gold, 1.5 cm high over the cliff with two anchor themselves to King Mongkut's on top in a decorative ornament has no rights to this pin. Who graduated from the Naval Academy as the top course of the other party.

The third anchor pin decorations to adorn your hand in a military uniform. The center pin on the right side of the shirt pocket is attached at the tack coat type. I live right by about the same.

Journal of the anchor to the year 2544.

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